Especially in Gastroenterology billing, both the federal or commercial payers have LCD’s as well as local coverage determinations. A lot of restrictions, indications are there with the approved diagnosis codes. Proving the medical necessity and having the right documents to demonstrate it sets the tone in gastroenterology billing.

Lack of documents can land you in huge trouble as a GI provider, and lab tests may be denied authorizations. Also, there are high chances that payers may start recouping claims for which they have already made payments. Hence, it is critical for you to set the right benchmark and streamline your process of submitting claims and ensuring and comprehensive pre and post billing approach.

As a provider of Gastroenterology and endoscopic services, it is pertinent for you to hire resources that can help you in mitigating gaps in front and back end, resulting in improved payments. To reduce your operational expenses, it is better to outsource your gastroenterology billing to a competent vendor.

Sunknowledge offers excellence and trust

As a next-gen RCM destination, our team knows what it takes to bring all your money back on time. We have set benchmarks, offered the right support which helps in eliminating proven pain points in your revenue cycle. Our exceptional standards of productivity, great ability to work as a reliable operational arm, reduce pain points for the best.

Moreover, we know how to drive your cash flow, help to secure your payments on time with great consistency. Our team has successfully reduced operational costs by 70% for the best with billion-dollar references all across the industry. We believe in offering you credible support that can accelerate your cash flow in the best possible manner.

Speak to a Sunknowledge expert right now and get to know how we make a difference. We offer a host of services from new patient entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, claims submission, medical coding, denial management, accounts receivable collections, payment posting, and customer service. Hire us for comprehensive support, also we can offer stand-alone support as well.


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