In a debate of whether to buy a flat in a standalone building or a complex, most people would say that a complex is an obvious choice and it is absolutely a no-brainer. However, if you ask someone who has been in both the settings, you will always a get a clear differentiation with the pros and cons of both.

I got into all this discussion and evaluation while looking for a house in a residential Project near Batanagar and here are my observations from the drill.


While we all are aware that gated townships have proper security, most standalone buildings too have security. The difference here lies in the fact that gated townships have many security personnel stationed in different places along the complex and also have CCTV surveillance. On the other hand, standalone buildings have only one security guard who often doubles up as the errand man, water pump operator and so many other things. While gated complexes heavily rely on technology, standalone buildings rely on the trustworthiness and goodwill of the individual stationed as the guard.


While looking for a house I did notice that while most 3bhk Flats for sale in Budge Budge that are a part of a standalone building are located along the lanes and by lanes of a certain area, the big gated complexes are somewhat far flung. Gated complexes are usually spread over vast areas and that kind of space usually cannot be found within the densely populated localities. As such, big residential complexes are a little off the road. Although, such complexes are very-well connected and have all amenities nearby, people who enjoy living in closely knit neighborhoods may prefer to buy a house in a standalone building within a locality.


This is indeed a no-brainer that the maintenance cost of apartments in stand-alone buildings is much lesser than that of apartments in gated townships. In a stand-alone building there are not too many elements to maintain and as such the maintenance fee is also not too much. On the contrary, in big gated townships there are pools, gyms, parks, drive ways and so many other things to maintain. The maintenance cost in such townships is as such always on the higher side and should be a point to consider before buying a flat in one.


An apartment in a gated township is certainly more expensive than that in a standalone building. In a standalone building you just pay for the apartment and the parking. However, in a gated township, the cost of a single residential unit also factors in the cost of the amenities. As such, people on a tight budget ideally look for flats in stand-alone buildings. However, nowadays reputed builders are coming up with affordable apartments within residential complexes too.

Community Life: 

People living in gated communities would certainly stress on the fact that community life in gated complexes is excellent as they celebrate every festival together and have regular celebrations. Many gated townships do have amphitheaters and clubs where the residents can come together and celebrate religious and national festivals alike. People living in stand-alone buildings do not get this facility. Since, humans are gregarious by nature, this community life always earns the brownie points for gated townships.

The benefits of living in complexes usually outweigh that of living in stand-alone apartments and nowadays most people certainly prefer gated townships over stand-alone buildings.


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