When shipping to Chile, you will need to supply documents along with a list of all items being shipped. It is important to ensure all the information you declare on your bills of lading is correct – mainly to avoid any delay or issues.

Your full name, every detail regarding the personal belongings or commercial goods you are shipping to Chile, the origin and destination ports and your complete and accurate address at origin and destination are required forhassle-free shipping to Chile.

Find Licensed Shipping Companies or Specialized Freight Forwarders

In order to get precise solutions for shipping to Chile, you need to rely on top freight forwarders or specialized shipping companies. Latin American Cargo is a trusted and licensed company providing complete freight forwarding and shipping services.

LAC offers a wide range of long-distance moving services to transport all your items in the safest, most secure and cost-efficient way possible.

Its team of experts is specialized in moving household goods overseas like furniture, electronics, home appliances and clothes. LAC can help you transport personal effects, valuable artwork and family heirlooms as well as cars and other vehicle shipping too. They offer air cargo and ocean shipping options to perform long distance moving at affordable rates to Chile, from the US and Canada.

Make a contact as per your requirement either by phone or by filling in online query form.


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