So you want to get your double tongue piercing? But you have a lot of questions, right? Where should I go? What should I expect? Will it hurt? This is exactly where you should be looking to get those very answers.

Before you even get the piercing, you should research your piercing salon. It should be sanitary and safe and the piercer should be willing to show your any and all health code records. If they’re not, leave! If you decide to get your tongue pierced, price should not be a factor. Don’t sacrifice sterility in exchange for a lower price; it will never be worth it.

On the day of your appointment, eat a good meal before going to get your tongue ring. It’s a good idea to eat pasta or other grains because they are so filling. After getting a tongue piercing, some say it’s difficult to eat solid food for a few days.

When you arrive at the salon, the employees will have you fill out some paperwork. They will ask you to provide some information and pay for your piercing and body jewelry. After that, it is time to pick out your new body jewelry. There will likely be lots of tongue rings to choose from, but the salon will probably limit the tongue rings you can use for the piercing.

After you select your new body jewelry, the piercer should take you to a clean and sterile environment, usually will a chair or a table to lay on. He or she will prepare the equipment while wearing gloves and all needles and other tools should come in sealed, sterile packages. The piercer will mark your tongue after selecting a spot that will not interfere will blood vessels and nerves. It is very important to go to a trained professional; he or she will have been educated in the anatomy of the tongue and know how to perform the piercing safely.

The next step is to place a clamp on your tongue. The clamp sort of looks like a long pair of scissors with two circles on the end where the needle will pass through. The tongue ring itself will not actually be used to pierce the tongue. The piercing is done with a hollow surgical grade needle.Your piercer will hold out the clamp and push the needle through your tongue. Although you shouldn’t expect it to be painless, many report that the clamp itself is more uncomfortable than the needle and actual piercing.

At this point, the piercer will be ready to insert the tongue jewelry. First they will remove the bottom ball, then put the end inside the hollow part of the needle. This makes it easy to actually insert the body jewelry. As the piercer pulls the needle the rest of the way through, the tongue ring will remain in position inside the tongue. Next you should receive instructions on how to clean and care for your new tongue ring.

The process of actually piercing your tongue should take no more than five minutes. Most tongue rings are 3/8″ but they may use a longer tongue ring to allow for swelling during healing. Between two and four weeks later, your tongue should be fully healed. At this time you can change your tongue jewelry to one that expresses your personal style. If you are comfortable with changing the tongue ring yourself, you may do so but many salons offer to change body jewelry for free when your purchase it from their salon.

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