Gift Ideas for Karva Chauth 2019

You are the cutest if you are searching for the gift ideas for Karva Chauth and landed on this page because let’s be honest, this festival is like a Valentine’s Day of India and this day is for couples so if you are searching for some gift ideas then you are on the right path because let’s be honest, it’ll be here before you can even say “Karva Chauth”. We’ve got a bonus tip for you in the end so keep reading!

So here are some of the best gift ideas for Karva Chauth for your other half to make him or her feel special this Karva Chauth:

Bake them a cake: After that long day of fasting for you, ladies do deserve a dose of love in the face of a delicious dessert treat. The fact that you are going to bake them this cake will make it more special and you guys can spend a whole day together just chatting and baking and have a quality time together. If you don’t want the headache of baking an entire cake just bake some cupcakes or the best idea for you if you don’t want to bake at all is the make some handmade chocolate, it is the easiest of them all!

A clothing item: If you are planning to gift something to your other half but are confused then just go and get them any clothing item that they need or you know that they have been eyeing that lately. It can be a tie, shirt or a T-Shirt and if you are gifting something to your lady then you can gift her Handbag, makeup or any jewellery. Since there is still time in Karva Chauth just talk and get to know what they have been eyeing lately.

Coffee Mug for avid coffee or tea drinker: This is the safest that you can go as you already know if the person is a chai addict or a coffee monster. Just a simple mug will have a great impact on them as this is the first thing that they do in the morning and this will remind you of them even when you are not around or out travelling somewhere. The best part you ask? Well, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, we’ve got your back!

Book Stand for your nerdy lover: Someone who reads a lot of books knows the struggle of managing the books and making sure that they are well kept and doesn’t wear or tear because honestly, these are like babies for them and coming this from a bookworm, this is a real struggle to keep the books organised and making sure that none of them is harmed in any way, it is sometimes a nightmare to organise them and make sure that they don’t ruin the vibe of the decor. So in this situation, a book stand is the knight in shining armour!

Collage: This would be an amazing Karva Chauth gift idea for your partner as this brings back the whole memories of you two and makes the whole mood romantic and cute! This is not a gender-specific gift so ladies, you can take this chance to make your hubby feel special on such a special day!
Okay! So these were some of the amazing gift ideas for Karva Chauth that can help you.

Don’t be sad, we promised a special tip for you guys so here it is:

“You can ask your partner to guess what you got them this Karva Chauth and you can get a fair idea about what they want.” Your welcome!


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