Finding the perfect wedding photographer is no mean feat. Here are the best tips that will show you the right way!


Let’s be honest – no matter how many times you say to yourself that you will never forget the moment, you will. Only photographs as tokens of memories will remain! For those eternalizing those precious moments, a Calgary wedding photographer is a necessity. You should research well before reaching out to the ideal photographer for your wedding.

So, how do you find a photographer who will be a good fit? First, check their availability on the wedding date. If they are available, dig deeper while keeping these tips in mind.

Finding the One to Take Your Photos

Unlike the engagement, your wedding day is going to be the very opposite of casual and informal. If you are arranging a casual event, well – that’s a different story! While anyone can take engagement photos, things are going to be a lot more serious at your wedding. The professional shoot is imperative, so you need someone with whom you are comfortable too.

So suffice to say, talk to the Calgary wedding photographers before hiring. See where you share the same values and can naturally pose. It’s better to go for a test run before making a decision on the photographer. Meanwhile, go over the contract before signing.

You can also ask around about the wedding package and the add-ons. If you need to customize and make changes, ask about the extra fee. So, explore your options and gather the necessary information before going with a professional.

Preparing Yourself for the Shoot

What does it feel like to work with a professional wedding photographer in Calgary? Wedding photographers need a little bit of TLC because they are one of your star vendors. They will be following you like a shadow without making you feel conscious. Most importantly, they know how to ease the tension in the air and make you feel comfortable.

Every photographer has a different work style. Inquire about the workflow so that you can get a better sense of how things are going to unfold. Figuring out their shooting style is one of the best ways to prepare you for the shoot.

A professional Calgary wedding photographer is likely to guide you through posing. Also, professionals know whether candid or natural shots are going to work well. For a safe bet, see whether the photographer’s vision matches yours.

In Conclusion

When you have checked all the boxes, you have dealt with the difficult part. In the end, ask about the payment details, logistics, and liability insurance. Of course, pop the question of when you are going to receive the photos. Before the wedding, make sure all your queries are addressed. So, get started with the process ASAP!


Author bio: Ruby Brown loves everything related to photography and runs a blog to help people to choose perfect photographers for their weddings. Here, she mentions two golden tips to find the best Calgary wedding photographer.


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