Scholarships that escalate your growth as a seasoned professional whilst opening up doors to foreign cultures are always held in high regard. So, as a student looking to pursue the IBDP curriculum after the 10th grade; CBSE, and CLSP curriculum as a 7th or 8th grader; CBSE and IGCSE curriculum as the 9th or 10th grader; or only the CBSE curriculum as an 11th or 12 grader; it is necessary to invest time and effort in winning the Future Ready Merit Scholarships. Exclusive to certain elite and reputed schools, this scholarship allows you to get a hefty rebate on the IBDP or rather the most premium diploma program there is. 

Precisely designed to help students pursue the sought-after international baccalaureate diploma programme, the Future Ready Merit Scholarship for Students isn’t easy to procure. While the IBDP gets most of the limelight for the intuitive segregation of subjects, the future ready merit scholarship is applicable to almost every relevant coursework from the 7th grade to the 12th grade. 

Before we start discussing this scholarship program’s nooks and crannies, as a student you should understand that your academic career gets a ready boost at the professional and even the undergraduate level if the future-ready merit scholarship is added to your resume. 

The Prospects

The scholarship, if procured, can help you get into one of the top 100 global universities with ease. As this grant is internationally recognised, you can even get access to lucrative scholarships at the concerned university.

Scholarship Categories

Despite being one of the more exclusive scholarships for the IBDP coursework, there are four categories to consider whilst applying. While we would be coming to the application and eligibility metrics later in the article, you must know that the Category A scholarship offers a 15 per cent waiver of the high IBDP tuition fee. The rebates reduce to 12 per cent, 9 per cent, and 6 per cent for Category B, C, and D, respectively.

For the CBSE, IGCSE, CLSP, and other grade-based study programs, there are either four to two scholarship categories. Much like the IBDP segregation, the 9th and 10th grader scholarship program features four scholarship categories, with 15 per cent being the maximum value. 

Eligibility Criteria

Much like the Global Citizen Scholarship, even the Future Ready Merit Scholarship is awarded, purely based on academic performances. To be eligible for the Category A scholarship, you must have at least 95 per cent marks to show for, regardless of the board. For the IGCSE and GCSE curriculum, 9 A* grades are required to be eligible for the 15 per cent waiver.

Subsequently, the Category B scholarship eligibility requires a minimum of 94 per cent or the 8 A* grades. For Category C and D, the minimum percentage drops to 93 per cent and 91 per cent, respectively.  

Regardless of the program, you pair the Future Ready Merit Scholarship for Students with, your academic performance and preparedness for the relevant interview and test are the significant determinants. 

Always ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying to avoid rejection. 

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