Helping in increasing the revenue and closing all the HME prior authorization gaps efficiently Sunknowledge Services is the ideal authorization platform. With the complete knowledge about the authorization process and the industry mandate, Sunknowledge Services help clients in minimizing the denial and rejection rate in the HME prior authorization process.

Improving the patient satisfaction rate by ensuring the authorization initiation, approval and follow-up faster, we work on 80% operational cost reduction.

With a complete training staff to understand the authorization process and its requirements which is critical, Sunknowledge Services expert helps in achieving the highest collection rate. Optimizing cash flow, our expert delivers all the heavy lifting work that helps our clients in the long run.

In fact for seamless HME prior authorization process, our expert team takes care of all. Right from sharing/collection of information detailing the medical necessity for the HME prior authorization process, including back and forth communication with important documents as well as doctor’s office follow-up, patient calling contacting the insurance, updating the HME prior authorization outcome in PM/ billing system of the client; Sunknowledge Services experts have got it all covered.

In fact, partnering with Sunknowledge Services has benefited them with:

  • 100% prior authorization in the same day with no extra or hidden charges
  • Complete operational transparency with clear authorization robust reporting process
  • 99.9% accuracy rate with the highest productivity metrics
  • Excellent client’s reference 
  • No write-offs or adjustment are claims without the client’s consent

So if you are looking for a detailed HME prior authorization process along with robust reporting for a clear authorization process then Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one-stop solution. Eliminating your hours of phone calls and saving you from wastage of time and money, Sunknowledge Services is the perfect destination raising your overall bottom line. For more information, get in touch with the expert.


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