What is inside a hookah? This is one of the foremost common questions asked. However, thanks to varying vocabulary for hookahs in several parts of the planet, some people may use the word “shisha” when about a “hookah” or vice-versa not to mention the hype of technology with e-hookah among the vaping industry.

This knowledge will assist y ou in making an informed decision when browsing our broad hookah category or offer you a far better understanding of the equipment you’ve got reception.

A Brief History Of Hookah

According to Wikipedia, the primary known existence was date back to the 1560s, and there are two theories on its origins.

Most sources point to Persian physician Hakim Abu’l-Fath Gilani as being the inventor of the hookah following the introduction of tobacco to Persia and India by Europeans. He surmised that filtering or “purifying” tobacco smoke through water would scale back health risks in comparison to smoking dry tobacco and subsequently devised the primary shisha pipe.

Alternate theories suggest that it was originated within the Safavid dynasty of Persia sometime between 1501 – 1722 and subsequently spread east into India.

And now, as we enter the 21st century electronic hookah was born. There are lots of upgrades from the original ones when it come to its electronic counterparts. Flavors are so rich, from fruity to minty and hybrids fantasy like the popular fantasia electronic hookah pen.

Hookahs – What Are They?

A hookah maybe a water pipe that’s designed to be used for smoking shisha tobacco. When smoking, the smoke itself is generated at the highest  within the bowl, passes down through the stem into the bottom where it’s filtered through the water, then passes copy through the hose that you merely are inhaling on. Shisha tobacco provides all the flavor for your session and that along with other fruity flavors.

Hookah features a long and storied history across the world, and, as a result, there are many various types or sorts. While it may have different aesthetics or appearances counting on the country of origin and lifestyle of users, the essential parts and functionality are going to be an equivalent for all hookahs.

Hookah Parts And Vocabulary

We’ll start from the highest of the hookah and work our way down, taking a glance at the essential parts that each hookah will have and what each piece does:

1.) Bowl (Head) –

The “bowl” or “head” of the hookah is usually made up of clay or ceramic and can sit at the highest of your hookah, and this may be the part that holds your shisha tobacco. Once the tobacco has been loaded into the hookah bowl, aluminum foil is added on top, and charcoals are added on top of the foil to heat the tobacco.

2.) Charcoal Tray (Plate) –

The “tray” or “plate” of the hookah is going to be a metal disc that sits on your hookah stem slightly below your bowl. This piece will help to catch excess ash from the charcoals on your dish and is additionally an honest place to stay new charcoals that are being added or faraway from your bowl.

3.)Shaft (Stem) –

The “shaft” or “stem”  is that the metal section of the hookah that each one of your other hookah components will hook up with. The metal tube at rock bottom of the stem that sits down into the water in your hookah base is understood because of the “downstream”.

With handmade hookahs, this piece is usually welded to the upper portion of the stem wherewith many machine-made hookahs. The downstream may be a threaded piece that will be screwed on or off of the upper part of the stem. The shaft also will have two vital pieces attached to sides of it as well:

Hose Adapter (Hose Port) – The “hose adapter” or “hose port” is going to be an open cylindrical or cone-shaped piece that your hookah hose is going to be attached to. Counting on the model of hookah, the hose adapter may either be welded directly on to the stem, or it’s going to be a threaded piece that will be screwed on or off of the stem.

Purge Valve (Check Valve) – one among the first overlooked parts, the “purge valve” or “check valve” is a convenient little device. This valve will have a threaded cap that screws on or off and can have a needle bearing inside it, sealing a small hole.

When inhaling, the needle bearing is sucked down over the opening creating an airtight seal that allows for a full draw. When exhaling into your hose, the needle bearing is lifted, allowing the smoke that’s in your base to be purged out. This is often particularly handy for clearing out any hot or stale smoke in your hookah base.

4.) Hose –

The hose is that the part of the hookah that you will inhale when smoking. Once you inhale on the tube, the air is drawn into the highest, causing the smoke to be drawn down through the stem and into the water within the base then copy through your hose. There are many various sorts of hoses available, and traditional tubes are typically made up of leather where modern hookah hoses generally are made up of silicone.

5.) Base (Water Jar) –

The base is going to be rock bottom portion and is that the piece that holds the water which filters the smoke passing through it. Typically this piece is formed of glass, although there are bases made up of plastic also.

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