Automation in the revenue cycle for things to happen quickly, efficiently, and correctly is the best alternative for busy hospitals. Tendering payments, working on tracking patient care, or simply filing insurance claims, you must ensure that you have the right priorities in place.

It allows you to have time in connecting with your patients in the best possible manner. First pass clean claims submission ensures improved collections and reduces operational costs as well.

Working on your rising backlog of hospital accounts receivable requires a team of experience extending precision in the best possible manner. A quality pool of hospital accounts receivable experts knows how to be involved in A/R and collections related activities.

All of these activities require a team to do robust follow-ups and reaching out to the insurance regarding the status of the claims submitted as well as following up on the denials as well as doing the appeals and working on the underpayments.

Sunknowledge with the roadmap for improving collections

Working with some of the biggest hospitals, Sunknowledge understands what it takes to eliminate proven pain points in your accounts receivable. Our team has been excellent in understanding how to bill clean claims by doing complete research and pursuing the claims with the different payers.

Also, it involves following the different guidelines of payers for timely filing, authorization, working on the per diem, case rates, DRG, per diem rates, and all. Offering the highest productivity standards, we know what it takes to deliver actionable support at just 1% of collections.

Know more from our experts on how we set the difference! We have the perfect plan for you and will be extending you a complete approach in hospital accounts receivable. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity and we will extend unparalleled support at next door rates with seamless communication best practices.

Our experience makes us reliable enough to work as your ultimate operational arm. With over 100’s of clients across the healthcare space, we take pride in our excellent references. Get in touch with our experts to know more on what difference we bring to the table.


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