If you or your loved one have gone through a truck accident and sustained severe injuries or lost life, you might want to know your options. First, you may need to figure out who is responsible for the accident to get compensation for what happened. Since truck accidents are tricky due to many people could be at fault, it brings you to consult with a trucking accident attorney who is thorough about these things. They can step in and guide you through the complex legal proceedings. If you are wondering how the attorney can help you with the case, read in to know how they can maximize your compensation from the liable person.  

Investigating all factors that may have caused the accident

Trucking accidents are more complex than car accidents, so they require meticulous investigation. A skilled trucking accident attorney can conduct the necessary analysis of the accident site to uncover all the contributing factors leading to the accident. Although the cause of the accident might seem clear, multiple contributing factors are always involved. The driver might be distracted; there might be poor road conditions, missing signage, or some malfunctioning part in the victim or driver’s vehicle. If required, your lawyer will work with experts to determine what exactly led to the crash and how the collision happened. 

Determine all parties responsible for the accident for liability

The liability party can vary for a truck accident depending on specific circumstances according to the accident. In some cases, there could be multiple parties that might be responsible. So determining the liability can involve a comprehensive investigation of the case. Your trucking accident attorney can help you understand the liability establishment process. 

Parties the victim can hold liable after a truck accident:

  • Truck Driver: The truck driver might have neglected or violated traffic rules to be liable. 
  • Trucking company: The truck company can be responsible for the accident for inadequate training, unrealistic schedules, or violating safety. 
  • Truck maintenance and repair companies: If the truck maintenance is poor, it can lead to mechanical failure of the truck. So the truck maintenance and repair companies can be held liable. 
  • Truck owner: If the truck owner has neglected proper upkeeping or knowingly employed an unfit driver to operate the vehicle. 
  • The cargo loaders or shipper company: The cargo loaders or shipper company can be held responsible for securing loads that could contribute to accidents.
  • Truck manufacturer or distributor: The truck manufacturer can also be held liable for defects in the vehicle that led to the accident. 

Calculating the compensations

One of the critical reasons for hiring a trucking accident attorney is to accurately calculate the compensation that covers the full extent of the damage the victim suffers. The compensation goes beyond just emergency medical expenses and vehicle repairs. 

Damages for which you can receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses: The medical expenses can include payouts for treatment and rehabilitation or therapy of the victim that ensure they can access the care they require to recover. 
  • Property damage: This compensation involves repairing vehicles or covering personal belongings. 
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering: Apart from the tangible costs, the compensation can include covering for the victim’s physical and emotional pain and suffering due to the accident. 
  • Lost earning capacity and lost income: The compensation can further include paying for lost income and earnings if the victim’s ability to work is compromised. 

Establish the best legal strategy to strengthen your case.

Since the professional trucking accident attorney has an in-depth understanding of the case, they can devise a personalized legal strategy for strengthening the victim’s claim. They collect all the essential evidence and obtain expert testimonials to prepare for legal proceedings. They make compelling arguments in court. Their experience, regulations compliance, etc., ensure the legal strategy is strong and aligns with the victim’s goals. 

Implement legal knowledge and regulations to pursue your compensation

Numerous federal and state laws and regulations are enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in the trucking industry. Hence, hiring a skilled trucking accident attorney can expertly negotiate these rules and stop any law violations that contributed to the accident. All this information improves the lawyer’s capacity to prove fault and liability of the victim’s claim. Additionally, if there are multiple parties, along with the victim, are at fault in the accident, the attorney ensures proper use of comparative fault laws. It guarantees that the victim obtains a proper and equitable settlement, minimizing any potential reduction in the compensation due to sharped liability. 

Final Words:

Although trucking accidents have the ability to ruin lives, victims can recover control of the situation with the assistance of an experienced trucking accident attorney. Now you know your attorney can provide the required legal guidance to go through the legal process. They serve as a lifeline to the victim seeking justice and fair compensation.

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