To understand how we can potentially win the andar bahar online cash game, we need to understand its origins and how we should play the game in the first place. The andar bahar game has its origins set in Bangalore and the game is based on pure chance. The dealer places a card face up and then the players within the game start to bet on one of the two piles that are present within the game. One of the two piles is called andar (inside) and the other is then obviously called bahar (outside). Afterwards, the dealer starts to deal cards interchangeably to the two piles and the pile in which there is a card which matches the initial card is the winner. Henceforth, the andar bahar online cash game is one of pure chance and one that is now amongst the most popular games in Indian casinos.

Due to the obvious rise of technology, the andar bahar game has searched its way to the online casinos that cater to not only the Indian market, but also the market that has a demand for the game around the world. This brilliant game has attracted many individuals because a lot of table game enthusiasts were tired of playing the same old roulette and blackjack games, so the andar bahar game became their breath of fresh air. A year ago, the game even managed to possess a mobile version as millions of individuals have started to become attracted to this game. Another reason for its rising popularity could also be the fact that the game has no complex rules at all. The andar bahar online cash game gets as simple as the player getting two options to bet. The first option being to choose the left side of the table (andar) and the other option being to select the right side of the table (bahar). The game is barely based on possessing any specific skill, but there are ways to potentially increase your chance of winning a game of the andar bahar game.

  • The first way is obviously, to practice and to learn. Now, just because the game sounds simple and you’ve been into table games before, it does not mean that the andar bahar online cash game is one that you will start winning from the start. This leads to the idea that everyone should initially start to play with their friends or random people, but without any real money bets. This leads to safe play and a better first hand understanding of how the game operates. The reason for this is that when it comes to this game, knowing what to do and exactly when, is a benefit to the player’s side.
  • The second way to not only play smart, but to also look after your pockets, is to decide your budget before starting to play the game. The andar bahar game is one that is pretty fast-paced. This means that you wouldn’t notice the time pass by and you would have played many games in a shorter span of time. In games like these, you are more likely to spend more on bets than what you might have initially decided. Now, as betting on both andar and bahar sides are possible, it would not be wise to spend most or all of your money on just one side of the game. Mixing your bets on sides would seem like a smart strategy to take up.
  • The third way is somewhat complex, but understandable if the mind is put to it. Holistically, the game has a pure 50/50 chance of win and loss. However, if you are to dwell deeper within the game, then you realize that the idea of counting the odds is something that you could do. In essence, an average game has about 13 cards laid out on the table before the game ends on a matching card either on the andar side or the bahar side. The more the game is prolonged the closer you get to getting the matching card. The game is mostly started on the andar side, this means that the andar side is more likely to win. If the game is started on the bahar side then the odds are in the opposite way.
  • Another tip to play andar bahar game is to try and not match up against players that are already winning or possess a winning streak. That is because obviously, they are either way too lucky or they have deduced a pattern of the game. Inevitably, an online game which is an application or is on the internet, it’s based on algorithms. Certain individuals can even crack algorithms and certain individuals even enable some sort of hack. So, to keep it fair on your side and to stay on the safe side from these individuals that ruin online platforms, it is always better to try and match up or play with individuals that do not possess a long line of winning streaks.
  • Lastly, which is not really a tip on how to win but it is a general tip for the andar bahar online cash game. The tip is as simple as logging in after every four hours and that’s because you get free bonus chips. Now these bonus chips can aid you into either playing more games than you have intended or they can aid you into betting higher stakes than before or than how you must have planned initially.


In conclusion, the andar bahar game is on the easier side of the table games that exist right now in the market (online or not). It’s based on pure chance and you don’t have to waste time to learn strategies, understand hands or to look for tactics. The best way to play andar bahar game is to just go and try it out! No wonder a simple and easy game like this has managed to build up a worldwide audience.


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