Real estate market is one of the most instinct driven markets you will come across if you are planning on investing. It is very near impossible to find any definite marker that will show you the perfect time to invest in the real estate market. Most investors are driven by their general understanding, experience and a lot of intuition. So, if you have a definite location in your mind, like the Kolkata real estate market, it is better to get to know the market a bit more before deciding which will be the best time to invest in the same. However, as far as expert decision goes, this is certainly a ripe time to invest in the real estate market of Kolkata. Many investors are looking forward to invest in the spacious residential property in Salt Lake.

So, what are the exact reasons why you will actually be interested in the real estate market of Kolkata?

The Developing Economic Status of Kolkata

The very first reason is the developing economy of the capital of Bengal. The development of Bengal did hit a few speed breakers in the recent past, however, it is back on track and there is a positive trend among the business houses with respect to investment in Bengal. This clearly means that the real estate demand will be increasing further in near future. Being an early bird investor definitely helps as you get the best deals at the minimal rates. Also, it is easier to find a prime location, especially with high class residential apartments coming up in some new untapped areas within Kolkata like Rajarhat and the areas near EM Bypass. The economic enlistment of the city has also triggered the development of several affordable projects alongside the posh and upscale living spaces in Kolkata. Communication has developed and it is now easier than before to commute to various parts of the city from these regions, thereby increasing the demand for residential and commercial properties in these regions.

The Depreciation of Property Value

Post demonetization the real estate market has hit a major hurdle in terms of demand for new properties. While some will say to be careful and shy away from investing, the more homebuyers are seeing this as the golden opportunity to invest in the real estate segment in Kolkata. The real estate price in Kolkata is among the most affordable ones at the moment, thanks to the sudden fall in demand. So, if you are planning on investing in real estate market, this is quite a good time to do so. Check out the 1/2/3 BHK affordable apartments in Rajarhat, as they offer a plethora of facilities within a budget. This slowdown is definitely not going to last long as the entire market is coming out of it already to some extent. Hence, waiting is not the smartest thing to do for any person looking to make some good profit out of real estate investment.

The Infrastructural Development

Changing preferences and developing infrastructure in Rajarhat has created a positive scenario wherein it is now possible to invest in the real estate properties coming up on the outskirts of the city. Even a decade back there were areas like Joka, Rajarhat, and other places near the EM Bypass that used to be neglected by real estate investors due to lack of facilities and amenities. New age residential and commercial complexes along with developing infrastructure have changed the real estate scenario.

Hence, for an investor, this is clearly a great time to check out the real estate market of Kolkata.


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