Technology has been instrumental in revolutionizing the food distribution industry from telephone-based to online ordering to meet the ever-changing demands of customers, pushing their way to the top. Innovation has also led to shifts in customer behaviour as they have been influenced by their reliance on technology to do anything online, including having cooked meals delivered to their door. People around the nation are turning to online shopping and with less effort and expense more ways to shop. Convenience is the main market attraction, as the steps taken to place an order are as simple as just a few clicks on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. In other terms, depending on technology and convenience, modern and young consumers may be branded as lazy.

Besides that, the time taken to deliver the food serves as a good excuse for customers when they have no plans on when and when to eat. The market for online food delivery is proven to be the highest due to conveniences during lunchtime and dinner time. From a market perspective, owners will exploit opportunities, which are seen as a new source of income generation. Customer preference is the key driving factor for business owners to partner with online distribution systems to help satisfy the demands and needs of consumers. Online food delivery is especially recommended in developing countries, as technology and customer tastes are still evolving. Company owners also feel it helps the business stay competitive in the market as long as it is consistent with its business model.


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