Suppose you need to have the PMP certificates to have a better future as a project manager but are worried about receiving the PMP certificates. In that case, you can Buy PMP certification without exams, as the demand is known to you, but there is necessary to know what you need to have the PMP certificate. To have the PMP certificate, you need prior experience.

How much experience required to get the PMP certificate?

If you have a degree of four years from any recognized college, then you are required to show that you have to spend 4500 hours on a project, and the work duration of your project took place for over three years. There is a need for two requirements: the volume of work needed to be 4500 hours and the time spent working, which need to be three calendar years.

If having the work on the project for 4500 hours, there is also required work volume. So, with both the volume and duration, you can get the PMP certificate. The PMP looks at the experience, which should not be overlapping. Each project needs to complete three years. It should not overlap, and the same goes with the volume, which should not be less it needs to be three calendar years.

Having a four-year degree is not compulsory. The degree with three years can also get the PMP certificate, but the work volume and duration are compulsory for getting the PMP certificates.

Therefore, if you want the PMP certificate, you need to have the given duration and work experience volume. You can also Buy PMP certification without exams, but the working experience must-have.


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