Understanding a semi-truck accident case is highly complicated. It is not similar to the other passenger vehicle crashes. Semi-trucks are commercial trucks that usually carry heavy loads and often lead to catastrophic consequences. When it collides with a passenger vehicle, the individuals in the vehicle will face severe injuries, which can also lead to fatalities. The collisions can become extremely vulnerable for the victims.

Do you know that average semi-truck trailers weigh over 30,000 pounds? When you compare the weight with a passenger vehicle, there will be no match in any way. The average passenger vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds. Therefore, the size and weight show a hell and heaven difference. Due to this, the semi-truck contributes to extremely injurious outcomes in a crash. 

This is where you need to consult a Semi Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston, TX to recover the losses. It is not easy to file claims and proceed to fix a deal with the trucking company and their insurance providers. Only the best law firm with professional attorneys’ team will help you in this situation. 

How Do The Semi Trucks Easily Get Into Accidents?

As we already discussed, the major reason behind the semi-truck accident is their heavy size and weight. Moreover, it takes a long time for the driver to stop or slow the semi-truck to save it from a collision or crash. So, it is very likely that the driver and other members of the passenger car would get severely injured in the crash. Semi-truck crashes can cause due to multiple reasons. There are different types of truck accidents that are common in many cases. Here is the list of common causes of semi-truck accidents:

Driver’s error in the crash

The most common cause is the error’s from the semi-truck driver’s end. As the truck is difficult to control and handle, most of the time, mistakes are likely to happen. Therefore, this causes lead to a significant percentage of all semi-crashes. This common crash is caused due to exceeding the speed limit. Also the driver also fails to check the blind spot while switching. Sometimes, fatigue and confusion lead to an accident. Mistakes also occur while operating the vehicle, resulting in devastating situations for those struck. These mistakes can be uncovered by Semi Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston, TX, who has years in handling these case types. 

Failed to secure loads

Semi-trucks are integrated with hauling trailers loaded with heavy loads. Whatever the products or goods may be, they should be durably and securely packed. While loading, it is necessary to check the proper distribution of the loads. It should be evenly loaded in all the corners. When it is failed to distribute the weight evenly, an accident is likely to occur. The driver cannot operate or control the loadings while driving. The loads should be rightly tied and stored on the trailer. At times, there are chances the goods can fly off the trailer and get up on the path of the other vehicles, which leads to a crash. 

Rear End Crashes

Rear-end crashes are the deadliest ones with semi-trucks. It can lead to fatalities of more than one person. It usually occurs when the driver fails to stop the truck immediately. In this case, with the help of Semi Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston, TX, victims will take major legal actions against the trucking companies. It is difficult to prevent a crash when the passenger vehicle suddenly comes in front of the truck. 

Sometimes passenger vehicles come way too suddenly, and it becomes difficult for the truck driver to make an immediate decision. In this case, the truck strikes hard at the car with great force. The smaller vehicle cannot withstand the impact of this heavy collision. The truck can get over the car and can crumble it. The passenger vehicle occupants will be at risk, leading to severe injuries in rear-end crashes. Also, backseat passengers can cause a high risk leading to death.

Lack of Maintenance

The trucking companies are bound to maintain their vehicles as per federal laws. They should have to keep their vehicles in a safe condition to avoid accidents on the road. Some owners try to reduce their charges and stay profitable by ignoring maintenance. This is because huge costs and time are involved in maintaining semi-trucks. 

This turns into profits, and they keep on practicing this. Therefore, lack of maintenance becomes the city’s major cause of truck accidents. Here, the trucking companies are liable for the damages caused to the drivers and the other members in the passenger vehicle while the truck crashes or collides. Victims, in this case, reach out to Semi Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston, TX, to get their claims.

This is all about the major causes of accidents with semi-trucks. These deadly causes make semi-truck accident cases different from other accident cases. If you, unfortunately, face such an incident in the future, hire a Semi Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston, TX, to handle the case behalf of you.


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