Tractor Tyres have always been an indispensable part of our farming system that promotes farmer’s productivity in the fields. Tyres prove a true friend of farmers, and a better quality tractor tyre prevents farmers or drivers from unconditional injuries and damages. Tyre of Swaraj Tractor is most reliable for farming and other commercial activities. Tractor tyres and farmers are related to the invention of tractors and tyres.

Tyres are one of the most prominent inventions by humans that totally turned the order of work and introduced a new medium of transportation among the whole human race.

The Tyres was invented at nearly 3500 BC, and the tyre was firstly used in Tractor in 1892.

 Which Tractor Tyre is Fittest for all types of Farming

Tyres are the main component of Tractor and which is essential in all farming activities. In all types of Farming tyres of Swaraj Tractor delivers the best performance in the fields. Swaraj Tractors comes with the best quality tractor tyres which are more adaptable in all weather and conditions. India is a nation of seasons where farming practices are performed in distinct areas and different changeable environments. In these circumstances, Swaraj tractor arrives with the most durable tyres which can easily face all the environmental barriers without any measurable problem.

How to select Proper Tyres for Tractor?

In this modern era, it isn’t easy to select or choose a perfect tyre for your tractor according to your profession and the conditions of the land. Tyres of Tractor are selected in terms of fuel influence, traction, and the price segment of farmers and workers. Swaraj tractor tyres are best for both agricultural and construction purposes. It depends on you for what determination you should buy tyres. There are various types and categories of tyres available according to different uses.

  • Tyres for Agricultural purposes

In all Agriculture machines like tractors, mini tractors, backhoe loaders, and telehandlers R1W or R1+ tyres are used. These farming machines tyres are slightly more in-depth and cover a wide contact area on the ground, and it allows you a terminal performance on the wet condition and in both road or the field. For agricultural purposes, tyres of Swaraj Tractor are the most desirable possibility for farmers.

  • Tyres for Construction purposes

Tyres that are used for all construction tasks are made up of all better quality. R1 tyres are used in construction purposes. These tyres are specially designed to estimate traction with the road and give superior performance in all dense and hard surfaces. These construction tyres are created of more problematic substance according to other agricultural tyres. A tractor has to give a small fraction on a construction site behind this type of tyre. In construction works, Swaraj tractor tyres proved much more beneficial.

Problems arise When you don’t change the tractor tyre timely.

Tyres are an essential component of tractors. Without tyres, it’s unlikely to imagine the existence of tractors. After the tractor’s numerous uses, it is necessary to change the old tyres and substitute them into a new one. Old and worn-out tractor tyres become a significant problem for you that can result in unconditional injuries. It may rip up suddenly by small rocks and Bumpy rug surface. A worn-out tyre is dangerous for the operator, it is better to change into a new one. Reducing air in a tyre for off-road makes it softens, and making the tyre more adaptable to receive bumps and less convincing to get punctured by sharp objects.

We hope you will get all the valuable information about tractor tyres and for more additional details on Swaraj Tractor tyre or any other brand visit TractorJunction.


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