How do I know which school is best for my child? How do I choose the right board for my child? What are the factors to consider when choosing a school? What are the reasons for choosing this school 

Are these some of the questions on your mind right now, we bet you might have even more. As a parent, it is your duty to choose the right learning place for your child, and above all, it is the wish of every parent that their child receives the best education facilities. The school you choose for your child should not only be equipped with the best facilities but also follow a curriculum that emphasizes on the potential of your child. If you have listed down the Bangalore best schools for your child and are in need of some insights to proceed with the selection here are some tips to follow:  

  • The Academic Reputation of the school   

Make sure that your list of Bangalore best schools has the name with a good academic reputation and is popular for encouraging the students to perform the best. Schools are becoming conscious nowadays about the individual potentials and personalized training, thus offering the students to shine in their talent zone.   

  • Offers a balance of learning through textbooks and beyond 

     As is evident the learning is no more restricted to the classrooms anymore, learning can happen anywhere. While you decide upon the best school for your childtake into consideration, what kind of activity are they engaging the students into. Edify Chikkabanavara School is one of the best CBSE Schools which has really shown a great acceptance in the changing times. Online engagement from the students has been outstanding. 

  • Pay importance for Extracurricular Activities 

     Extracurricular activities have a major role to play in the learning process of your child. If you have selected the CBSE curriculum for your child you must be aware that the board prescribes an array of extracurricular activities to uplift the physical and mental abilities of the students. It is not only the studies which can make a successful individual, it’s also how you perform in a team, how you accept the failure, how do you make a comebackall these characteristics are tested and developed with extra-curricular activities only, which are a major milestone for a child being prepared for the world. Make sure that the list of Bangalore best CBSE schools should have the prominence to co-curricular activities, even while the learning process is based on a virtual model.   

  • Follows modern standard of teaching  

One of the points of prominence while evaluating the schools for your child is, are they following the modern teaching methods. It is imperative for the parents to be aware and understand that the pedagogy has changed and updated to a large extent. You should definitely pay attention to values and curriculum but in no way ignore the method of teaching approach. Edify understands that your child is pacing towards a technologically advanced society and the learning should happen in a similar manner.   

  • Provides an inclusive development of your child 

     The names on the list of your Bangalore best school should reflect the possibility of your child’s overall development opportunity. The school should be able to establish a feeling of belongingness and connection with the child at a persona level (through mentors) to help them grow holistically and lead them to the right career direction.  At Edify we make special efforts to understand and focus on an inclusive development of the learners 

Apart from the major points mentioned above, here are few more considerations which can guide you select the right school for a child!  

  • Attentive teaching staff: this is even more important than before as remote learning does not equate to classroom learning particularly for the younger age group. The teachers should be able to track the progress and find the right solution depending on that. The Bangalore best CBSE schools that you are looking forward to must have a student-friendly approach irrespective of the mode of learning.
  • The teacher-student ratio: the schools have a prescribed student-teacher ratio so that the child gets the attention without any limitation. Make sure that the school you are choosing has the right ratio and allows your child to be groomed and educated adequately.
  • Subject choices: India has than more 18000 CBSE schools in different regions. As such every region has a subject offering based on the regions. While considering the list of Bangalore-based best CBCE schools have an understanding of the subject as well as language.   
  • Assessment system: CBSE schools follow the Formative Assessment (FA) and the Summative Assessment (SA) throughout the year which is divided between two semesters. This allows the students to learn and prepare in an adequate amount of time.  
  • Affiliation Confirmation: make sure the school adheres to the rile book of the CBSE and does not diligently pose as one of the affiliated institutions. Yes, there have been many such occurrences although it is easy to find the legitimate affiliation particularly those with a reputation.   

Finally, remember your child is growing up with certain dreams and the school you choose for him/her is a major boost to that dream. The school is the place where their thoughts and imaginations are brought into the ignition and transformed into results which take the form of future career path. Just as is said- ‘learners of today are the leaders of tomorrow, they are the future leaders in making with their educational foundation playing a pivotal role.   

Do check ouEdify Chikkabanavara School and add it to your list of Bangalore-based best CBSE schools if not already done They have adopted a curriculum that is aligned to the prominence of 21st-century skills and is guided by smart teaching methods. Also, they thrive to evoke a strong sense of community feeling and engage the students in activities to develop their individual personalities.   

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