So, you went out of your way to choose the best schools in the UAE for a holistic CBSE curriculum. You have some expectations. Perhaps you want your child to do better at school. It could be that you enrolled your child in a top CBSE school to help them become more competitive for international career opportunities. 

Now, how do you know that your child is getting the benefits you envisioned for them?

Well, communicating with your child’s school is one of the smartest steps you can take. 

But how do you do it in a way that works?

Here are a couple of tips from teachers at top CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi

Make an Appointment and Visit

Educate yourself. Perhaps you did visit the school during your child’s admission

But how often do you show up to see progress on the ground? 

At other times, children may not reveal some important events at school. 

Maybe they are in the wrong and is afraid of letting you know what’s going on. So talking to their teacher once in a while can help you get up to speed with what you may otherwise miss.   

Keep in mind that international schools in abu dhabi have some of the busiest teachers in the UAE. So be sure to make an appointment instead of showing up unannounced.  

Raise your Issue with the Right People

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself and take action accordingly:

Do you have the right numbers to call in case of an emergency? 

Does the school know how to reach you?

Is there a specific person you need to contact for all issues?

Does the school allow parents and teachers to discuss sensitive issues such as other students’ involvement in their child’s case?

Does the school provide different communication channels for different school levels?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you understand how to avoid miscommunication with your child’s school.   

Attend Seminars in Person

You work hard to provide for your child’s needs. 

Yet, attending your child’s school seminar is an investment you’ll not want to pass up. 

Seminars and other school events bring parents, teachers, and students together. 

You can then discuss any pressing matters face-to-face, a more effective communication channel than phone or Zoom calls. 

One-on-one meetings help everyone tell an honest version of their experience because all parties are there to verify it. You do not want anyone misrepresenting facts when you have a matter to deal with. 

Follow Up with Interest

It doesn’t help if nobody takes any action on the goals you set during an engaging seminar. 

Suppose you discussed how to help your child do better in math. In that case, you’ll want to follow up with what the school is doing about it. 

Also, remember, a child’s education is a true partnership between a parent and the school. So if you had a part to play, such as ensuring they finish up their homework before sleep, you’d want to follow up with the right steps as well. 

Listen to Both Sides of the Story

One of the most significant effective communication barriers between teachers and parents is that some parents take action on just what their child says.

Some parents are quick to report a minor issue to the KHDA in Academic City. 

Yet, the issue could have been solved right at the school’s grounds.

Still, other parents take the CBSE school’s side without giving their child some attention. 

The key to effective communication is to encourage open and respectful expression. 

That way, all of you can tell what happened precisely and what you can do about it before it becomes a big issue.  

Over to You

Finding the best CBSE school is one half of providing a holistic educational framework for your child. 

The other half involves engaging your child’s school staff with interest, respect, and follow-through.  

So, take the simple tips shared here to task if you are committed to improving your communications with your child’s school starting immediately.  

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