How to improve the performance of a turntable?

The purchase has been made and the turntable is finally in your hands. Now evenings with friends and moments of relaxation will acquire a whole new flavor and vinyl records placed inside a box will be able to see the light again.

Now comes the fun: turntable performance can be improved, playback can be optimized, and you have to take care of the instrument and vinyl.

Let’s see together how!

Buy a good Stereo System:

The turntable can be connected to a preamp and, subsequently, to a multi-channel matrix or a nice pair of speakers. The most modern models are already equipped with built-in speakers, with a music reproduction from a portable solution, without the need for a preamplifier, speakers or other accessories; in short, an option that an audiophile cannot take into consideration. If you are a hi-end lover, for sure you know that without a pair of serious loudspeakers you can’t go anywhere. But that’s not the only high-quality thing you need to have to have a good stereo system.

Bring a Phono Preamplifier:

Another essential component for a good stereo system, the preamplifier is used to increase the sound of the recording at adequate volumes. Most turntables, before becoming part of the stereo system, will need to be connected to a phono preamp to boost the sounds. Some models already have it, but in general, both the more expensive and the cheaper ones, will show the need for it. This is a small investment considering the results it offers. On our blog you will find several tips for choosing the right preamp.

Acquire products for Cleaning vinyl:

The main enemy of vinyl is dust. If you are not a great expert, it is good to take care of your records by buying suitable cleaning products that will allow them to keep their condition intact over time and will preserve the proper functioning of the turntable needle. The ideal kit includes:

  • Felt or microfiber brush
  • Vinyl cleaner, which is a mixture of distilled water, isopropyl alcohol and detergent
  • Antistatic cloth
  • Antistatic protection for the plate

Own a Spacer for 45 rpm:

7-inch singles playing at 45 RPM often have a wider center hole than 12-inch LPs. It is clear that they need a plastic spacer which, inserted on the shaft in the center of the plate, adapts the space to the hole in the disc. The spacer is usually not included in the turntable, but considering it costs around 2 $ it won’t be difficult – nor expensive – to get one. Read the Comparison between two most popular Turntable

Indulge yourself in the purchase of vinyl:

Now that everything is ready and nothing is missing, only the final act is missing: the unbridled purchase of vinyl of all kinds. The cost shouldn’t scare you: there are numerous music shops, antique markets, thrift shops, private and online sales that offer a wide range of choices at truly bargain prices.

In addition, lately many singers and numerous bands are recording their songs on vinyl, just to woo the tireless romantics and emphasize how listening on turntables is by no means dead or outdated. In this regard, on our shop you will find several LPs.

Owning a turntable, therefore, will give back the pleasure of going around the shops and personally buying a record, choosing from the proposals and selecting the favorite. Stuff from other times? Apparently quite the opposite: stuff from yesterday, today and, given the conditions, tomorrow too!


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