Public speaking is an essential skill in professional life. You possess a degree from a renowned university, you have in-depth knowledge, but you cannot give presentations. What do you think, will you get the promotion? Probably Not!

No matter if you are extroverted or invert, public speaking requires a lot of confidence, persistence, and practice. You cannot become an expert overtime. You will face a lot of anxiety in your first session.

Start with fact-finding:

You know the topic, now what next? Your next step is conducting an in-depth analysis of the subject. Try not to leave any room for failure. You may get horrified by the thought of what if people ask you the question, and you are unable to answer that.

To escape such a situation, gather all the relevant facts from all the possible sources. This strategy will boost your confidence enabling you to answer all the questions of the audience.

Make the presentation interesting:

Body language plays an important role in making any presentation more interesting. “You can make things more interesting for your audience by using your body language to enhance what you’re saying,” says Sophie Thompson. Sophie Thompson co-founded VirtualSpeech in 2016, an award-winning VR education platform for soft skills training, with a focus on communication skills such as public speaking, sales, and leadership.

Do you try to state all the information in one breath because you fear forgetting the script? It is the fallacious approach that you may adopt. You have to cook the savor recipe with a pinch of different spices digestible to the users.

In other words, you have to present the information by making it engaging. It all depends upon how you make it presentable. You tell the content in story form, you ask the questions, or you share the personal experience, or you have other ways of making it engaging.

You can also ask the close-ended question where people can answer yes or no, or raise their hands. Explore different ways that keep the audience awake throughout the session.

Take the pauses:

If you speak in one tone and at one go, no one will understand things. Calm down! Take a pause whenever necessary. You want to switch the topic, how will your audience realize if you speak in one breath.

Whenever you want to switch the topic summarizes things and always ask for queries from the audience. You can start to develop this habit when you rehearse before appearing for the actual performance.

Concentrate on the content:

Concentrate on what you are speaking and not on the audience. Thousands of questions arise in your mind when you make eye contact with the audience. What other person is thinking of you? Are you speaking right or not? What if anyone asks the question and you are unable to answer it.

You only have to keep in mind the information you are providing to the listeners. You have to educate the people what they are thinking should not be the concern.

Anticipate success:

You have to keep your mind positive. The more you remain positive, the more good vibes you send to the people. Visualize yourself giving the presentation and people appreciating you.

Positivity helps you to increase your confidence. It keeps your mind and body calm, allowing you to focus on the target. You will not get distracted by the other views and expressions.


Practice these habits to enhance your public speaking skills. For instance, we can take Karen Mccleave Attorney who has more than 30 years of experience working as an Assistant Crown Attorney. Karen Mccleave GTA has committed her life to public help for over 30 years and showed up in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, fundamentally in York Region, Dufferin, and Simcoe provinces all given her splendid speech abilities.