It is true that complexities around urgent care billing and coding, compliance, and contracts prevent clinics from receiving the reimbursements that they deserve. It must not be so hard to get paid. Inexperience among your billing team creates challenges in your process of registration as well as the clinical staff’s charting. All of these create long delays in the process of claim payments.

Proper training of the front desk on how to verify insurance information during the process of registration and ways to collect co-pays upfront is the only way forward. Proper auditing of the charts to help providers see what are they entering in their procedure codes, how are they missing the documentations which delays payments has to be addressed at the onset.

Hence, it is quite evident that to make your urgent care billing successful, you have to find skilled resources that can help you with accurate claims that lead to faster reimbursements.

The Sunknowledge advantage in practice management

Over the last decade, our versatility to work across multiple practice management systems, ability to drive ROI as a reliable operational extension makes us a powerful revenue cycle destination in healthcare. We are currently working with some of the largest urgent care centers of the country and that too with excellent references.

Our team has reduced operational costs by 70%, delivered customized support at next door rates. Also, we take pride in our ability to drive cash flow and that too with the highest productivity metrics across the industry. Sunknowledge has reduced operational costs by 70% for the best and delivers excellence in both pre and post urgent care billing efforts.

Let our experts share our best practices with you over a “no commitment call”. We have set benchmarks, eliminates pain points in collections for the largest urgent care centers of the country. Get in touch with us to know more about what difference we bring to the table. If you are looking for a serious transformation in your stream of revenue, hire us for dedicated support now at just $7 per hour. Our experts are just a call away from you.


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