There are various forms of treatment for hemorrhoids, however based on cost hemorrhoid treatment can be divided into two main groups:

Group 1- Expensive Hemorrhoids Treatment in huntington mainly in the form of hemorrhoid surgery.

Group 2- Inexpensive treatments that includes the following:

a] Over the counter hemorrhoid treatments like creams and ointments.

b] Home based hemorrhoid cures that use herbal remedies for hemorrhoids, homeopathic remedies and other natural ingredients to cure and prevent hemorrhoids.

To cut down on the amount of money you will spend on treating hemorrhoids, you have to know the costs of these different treatments in relation to their effectiveness to be able to choose the most cost effective option.

Hemorrhoid surgery

-The commonest surgery for hemorrhoid treatment is the banding treatment. If you have no health insurance this surgery will cost you about 500-1500 US dollars, if your health insurance covers this type of treatment you will not pay more than 400 dollars extra out of your pocket.

However re-occurrence of symptoms could show up requiring further treatment and more money.

-Another common surgery is the use of infra red coagulation therapy which costs about 1,600-2000 dollars if you are not insured but if you have health insurance it will not cost you more than 400 dollars extra out of your pocket. This type of surgery could also fail leading to future flare up of symptoms necessitating more treatment.

-Major surgery with the use of laser or staples to cut off hemorrhoid vessels costs between 9000-12,000 dollars if you are not insured and if your health insurance covers this type of treatment you may still have to part with extra 2000 dollars for this surgery.

This form of surgery however has well documented potential side effects and complications.

Over-The-Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

The commonest types of these treatments are hemorrhoid creams and ointments. Most of these creams and ointments costs between 3-10 dollars per unit, but since they only give temporary relief of symptoms the actual cumulated cost of their repeated use runs up to hundreds of dollars.

Home based natural hemorrhoid cures

Common examples of natural hemorrhoid cures include:

1- Venapro: This home based homeopathic cure for hemorrhoids is to be used for at least 6 months to get the maximal benefit.

The cost of 1 month supply is 39.95 dollars

The cost of 2 month supply is 69.95 dollars

The cost of 3 month supply is 115.95 dollars

The cost of 6 month supply is 159.95 dollars

2- Neo- Healar: This ointment and hemorrhoid suppository should be used repeatedly to get maximum effect.

The cost of 14 day supply is 28.95 dollars

The cost of 1 month supply is 48.95 dollars

The cost of 3 month supply is 137.85 dollars

The cost of 4 month supply is 183.80 dollars

3- H-Miracle: This package offers the most cost effective treatment option at a one time cost of 37 dollars. This package is actually a guide on how to use mainly simple diets and lifestyle changes to cure your pile symptoms.

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