How To Remove Wax From Carpet

Have you ever spilled wax on your house carpet but do not know how to remove them? Then do not worry. The following are some of the tips on how to remove wax from carpet:

The first thing to do is to pick at the wax using you’re a blunt pen or knife or fingers. In case the spill is very thick, you may be able to remove large chunks. If it is not possible, that is fine too. You need to be calm and do not rip at the house carpets, which may be fragile depending on the carpet type. After you have collected as many bits and scraps as possible, you can throw them in the recycle or trash. Remember a good carpet cleaning Apollo Beach FL company will be able to remove all colors of wax.

The next thing is to collect a few ordinary household fields. You will require a brown paper or kraft paper bags. You can rip it into two if you are using a bag. You only need to use a single layer of paper at one time. Additionally, depending on the spill size, you may require numerous bags. Then you need to do regular ironing. Plugin the iron and heat it to a moderate heat setting. Never use steam setting at any moment.

Once you have heat the iron, but the brown paper over stain and begin ironing. Be careful not to allow the iron to touch the carpet. You will see the wax melting and stick to the paper thereby making wet spots.

When you have a single layer of wax melted on the paper, you can replace the paper and continue ironing. Even if you are sure that the wax is completely removed, it would be better if you proceed with the process much longer.

After you are quite sure the wax is completely removed, remove the paper covered by wax and turn your iron off.

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