If you’ve plans ordering seedboxes (remote servers) with providers, one of the torrent clients you should select is uTorrent along with your purchase. The web-based version of uTorrent is also popular as uTorrent WebUI.

Before you are puzzled with seedboxes purpose, choosing required clients, and right providers at reasonable rates, we will emphasize what are seedboxes and its advantages?

A seedbox is a cloud-supported remote server offering excellent uploading and unloading speed while exchanging media on peer-to-peer networks. The high-bandwidth generally ranges from 100 Mbit/s to 20 Gbit/s. This remote server allows maximum users to upload and download torrent files keeping the improved security factors into consideration.

This high-bandwidth server helps to manage your digital files through browsing from anywhere and anytime. The most common advantage you will seek using seedboxes is intense speed while unloading online media and access into restricted online video streaming as well.

There are some major advantages using remote servers over virtual private servers but aren’t limited to –

  • Encrypted Network Solution
  • Utmost Downloading Speed
  • Privacy Protection
  • P2P Traffic Restriction

Ok! Let’s explain the common usage of uTorrent –


uTorrent Sidebar

Once you’ve started using uTorrent WebUI along with your seedbox, you will get access to the uTorrent Sidebar where the required information is shown. Here you will receive information, including – a complete number of added media with clients and the number of torrents in various states, such as – active, seeding, and completed.


Main Menu of uTorrent Client

From left to right of the main menu of uTorrent, you can examine various actions in menus, which includes –

  • Add Torrent” option to load torrent via local file
  • Load via Magnet URL” option to load torrents using the magnet URL
  • Load via RSS Feed” option to load torrents automatically using the RSS feed
  • Start” option to begin the torrent
  • Delete” option to remove torrents from the uTorrent WebUI
  • Pause” option to gap an active torrent
  • Stop” option to completely stop an active torrent
  • Settings” option to configure various choices for uTorrent WebUI
  • Move Torrent” option to shift your torrent’s position in uTorrent WebUI


How To Get Started With uTorrent WebUI?

To get started with uTorrent WebUI is quite easy and you can conveniently unload online media on it. There are simple steps with which can start uTorrent and use it to download torrents –

  • Open your most-preferred web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is mostly recommended).
  • Enter the WebUI Address that’s provided in your seedbox credentials settings (e.g 124.567.890:8080/gui)
  • Now, you’ve to download .torrent file from some Torrent sites (there are number of sites available on web pages or copy Magnet URL)
  • In uTorrent WebUI, you can unload torrents using 3 methods. And so, we will explain the right use of all of them.


Method 1: Loading Torrent Using Magnet URL

In case you are using Magnet URL method to load the torrent, you need to continue with the following steps –

  • Open the page of the torrent file that you want to load and then copy the Magnet URL of that torrent.
  • Click on the “Load via Magnet URL” option and you will immediately notice a window popup appear.
  • Now, you will see “Torrent URL” options where you need to paste your Magnet URL and then click on the “Ok” button to confirm.


Method 2: Loading Torrent via Files

If you want to load the torrent via file method, then you need to follow these below-mentioned steps –

  • Download .torrent file from popular torrent websites and then click on the “Add Torrent” option on your uTorrent WebUI.
  • Now, you will see a window popup where you need to select the file that you want to load. Select the right way to your downloaded file and then confirm your choice by clicking on the “Ok” button.


Method 3: Loading Torrent Using The RSS Feed

If you are interested to load the torrent via the RSS Feed method, then you will need to follow these steps –

  • Open the torrent file page that you want to load and then copy the RSS Feed URL of that torrent.
  • Then, click on the “Load via RSS Feed” option and you will get a popup window to appear.
  • In this popup window, you’ve got an option called Field URL where you ought to paste your RSS Field URL.
  • There are two options available for download and you can select the option of downloading all feed items that are published or choose the torrents you want to load from the list of torrents that get obtained using that RSS Feed.
  • Once you’ve chosen the appropriate option, click on the “Ok” button to confirm.

Your uTorrent WebUI Is Successfully Loaded

Once you’ve completed the above-printed steps to load the torrent, you will see that the torrent load is completed. If so, now you can start monitoring the statistics of your loaded torrent.

On the main menu of uTorrent WebUI, you will also get primary information about the loaded torrent. Here you will get information, such as – name of the torrent file, the downloaded status of the file, the total size of the file, downloading speed, number of seeders, uploading speed, total downloaded data, number of peers, ETA, torrent ration, and so on.

Hopefully, after reading the above-mentioned complete guidelines you’ve understood what are seedboxes and steps to use uTorrent WebUI on your seedbox.

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