Our truck accident law firm has the best answer to this question, our team of attorneys has an extensive background in dealing with different truck accidents especially taking cases to trials and secure maximum compensation that our clients deserve. We have conducted hundreds of guest lecture seminars in different parts of the country to teach fresher lawyers about how to win a truck accident lawsuit.

Commercial truck accidents are particularly dangerous and complex, the sheer size of the trucks increases the chances of such wreck that has killed around 5,000 people along in the U.S last year. Such accidents happen due to various reasons, as an experienced truck accident lawyer in Texas when we investigate such cases, we found trucking companies pushing their drivers to work for longer hours for extra income instead of federal safety mandates. Some of them lure them with a handsome incentive or threaten their jobs under those circumstances’ drivers find it difficult to say no. Sometimes these overworked drivers fall asleep or become inattentive while driving which results in havoc consequences.

Another reason for truck accidents is the consumption of illegal drugs. Needless to mention the commercials trucks require frequent maintenance but sometimes in order to meet targets drivers have to drive vehicles that require maintenance which makes it illegal and unsafe. The tragedy is these innocent victims suffer from someone else’s negligence, which can a series of serious issues including enduring burns, brain injuries, dysfunctional body parts, broken bones, and other kinds of trauma.

Our truck accident attorneys are here to help, they cannot reverse the situation but will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your loss. We can guide you on how to protect yourself and your loved ones after being involved in a commercial truck accident. Hope those tips mentioned below will make you emotionally strong and help you make the right decisions.

Try to stay at the accident scene

It is best to keep your vehicle at the scene unless police come and note down necessary details for evidence. If necessary, you can move your vehicle to a safer place, especially if it is causing roadblocks or traffic. Try to make sure all the drivers involved in the accident remained at the same place to provide their statements for the accident report. If you are the victim this may help you collect important pieces of evidence while preparing your case for trial. Ask witnesses to stay at the same place to give their testimony to the cop which can be crucial for your future legal case. Another is important thing is to collect a “drivers exchange” from the police, also make sure you obtain the following details:

  • Names and contact information of parties involved in the accident and present at the moment as a witness.
  • The driver’s license number
  • Vehicle license number plate
  • Name, address and contact information of the trucking company if the truck is not owned by the driver
  • Driver’s insurance number

Contact 911

It is important to get the medical attention that might be required, this also gives the opportunity to file a police report about the accident. It is crucial for the victim to have an accident report while claiming the compensation, as the report contains a bulk of information about the truck accident, it might help in determining the cause of the accident and determining the responsible party for the same. No matter which law firm you choose to handle the case in the future it can preserve a lot of details that might protect your rights, it can also help the authorities to make the road safer to avoid such accidents further.

Most of the time these accident scenes require an ambulance to provide immediate medical treatment if this your case don’t forget to contact the medical examiner to know the health condition of the driver and your loved ones. Sometimes health issues occur after a while so you have the medical reports it will be easier to understand the cause of such conditions. If you don’t preserve such details it may work against you in the future while filing the claim for a truck accident.

Take pictures of the scene

If you have a smartphone and not injured in the accident try to take as many pictures as possible of the scene. These pictures will help the court determine the reason for the accident and the liable party. Capture pictures from the adjacent areas if any damage occurs due to the accident like skid marks, condition of the road, poor road signal, etc. If any government body is responsible for the accident with these pictures you can increase your chances of winning the case.

Contact your insurance company

Soon after the accident contact your insurance company and get a claim number. Restrain yourself from saying unnecessary things like you think what caused the accident or something like this, you never know those statements might go against you. Let a certified truck accident attorney build your case and you can tell the court upon asking questions related to the wreck.

Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer right away

Contact a truck accident lawyer right after you feel alright, if the responsible party offer any kind of settlement does not take any decision without first discussing it with your lawyer. Try to take your case at least for trial if you are thinking about accepting the settlement offers, this way you can claim more than you deserve.

Connect with our experienced truck accident attorney who works hard to ensure that victims recover the fullest compensation, we have years of experience representing truck accident victims across the country. You can also book our free initial consultation to speak with our attorneys to review your potential case. So, contact us right away!


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