Having plants in the home not only purify the air but elevate its look and assure a pleasant and soothing living experience. As city dwellers, living in a concrete jungle might make us feel all exhausted. From moss terrariums to lush potted plants – having a little touch of greenery at home is beyond aesthetics. The presence of leafy green indoor plants not only makes the living space healthier but dramatically improve mood. While looking for an affordable apartment near Batanagar, I wanted a home with plenty of open surrounding to breathe and enough space indoors to nurture my hobby of gardening.

Be it air plants, succulents or regular house plants – displaying them in creative ways will give your interior a fresh vibe and layer of texture with a pop of colour making your space breathe a cozy and liveable vibe. Each part of a tree can be curated to become a part of your home décor – vibrant green leaves, old branches or fresh flowers carefully collected in a vase – no matter which part of a tree you choose for home decor, how you use them is all that count. Let us help you with some smart ideas to give your contemporary home a natural green tinge and elevate the aesthetics of home décor.

  1. Add greens in the entryway:

Greet your guests by introducing pops of greenery at the entrance. Adding greenery to your home entryway will set the tone for the rest of your home. You can add a welcome wreath by wrapping green leaves around the hoop. Affix a green basket to the wall above your entryway bench for a rustic look.

  1. Place potted plants:

The easiest, inexpensive and quickest way of giving your space a refreshing touch of green is placing potted plants in creative ways. There are often awkward empty corners of the room where you can place the potted plant and be assured, it will blend in seamlessly – no matter what the style of the room is. Place small potted plants like a snake plant or a succulent on side tables or bookshelves that are common yet never go out of style as great decorative items. You can consider dedicating a shelf to display a variety of plants in your living room or bedroom. Vintage sap buckets in a variety of colours, little clay pots or small glass containers can be used as plant containers to add some quirk to the décor.

  1. Create a living wall:

If you find placing small or large potted plants too mainstream, take your love for greens up a notch by creating a captivating living wall. If you have an empty wall that needs covering, why not utilizing it by incorporating a living wall with plants and flowers of your choice. Living walls are great for the urban interior – all you need to do is create simple squares for plantation. They are easy to create with the right equipment and provide a dynamic, vibrant yet soothing backdrop that perfectly suits the mood of living rooms or balcony.

  1. Decorate with fresh herbs:

Fresh herbs not only spice up your meals but are great for adding healthy nutrients to your diet. Herbs smell wonderful and look pretty as well. If you have a sunny windowsill or kitchen counter, you can try growing fresh herbs there. In my 3 BHK apartment in Maheshtala, a great sunny spot with Southern exposure is not hard to find. Take some mason jars, fill them with soil and grow your herbs there and you have pretty and natural window displays. For an organic feel include some fresh herbs to accent your fruit and vegetable shelves.


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