Ideas To Give Your Dull And Boring Walls A Stunning Makeover

Wall of a home is like skin of our body. It covers the most spaces of the carpet area. Making changes on walls can transform the overall look and feel of your home. Within the four walls of your home, you make the best of memories without any fear of judgement. So, they reflect your persona. If you feel your home walls are dull and monotonous and they no longer express anything, it’s time for a transformation.

Painting the walls is not always the solution to get rid of the monotony. It is the most common decorating treatment which is a messy, smelly and time consuming affair where the level of hassle is always too high. The monsoon rain or extreme temperature can play havoc on the walls of average Indian home, causing seepage or cracks. In our newly bought cozy apartment on Budge Budge Trunk Road, we customized the walls on our own choices with the things we adore. With some creativity, you can also make the walls speak for you.

  1. Make a photo wall:

Nothing is more personal than some hanging hand-picked photos on your blank wall. Photographs command attention and you can arrange them in a small space as well. Use fairy lights to hang the photos or make your own photo frames with colourful tapes. You can also hang a photo string in a straight line using the nails with some bird silhouettes to make the wall look cute.

  1. Use right wallpaper:

Scratches, scribbling of colours or cracks may make the walls look ugly. And it is not possible to paint the home frequently. Wallpapers can come to rescue whether you go for a subtle look or a bit dramatic one. They can transform the look of the room by covering up stains such as pen marks, dirt or grime on the walls. Choose the right wallpaper and pair it with the right type of furniture and accessories. You can also use wall tapestry to create a chic bohemian decor staple that will look stylish.

  1. Have a green wall:

Add a soothing, serene feature to your home with green walls. Green walls are  gaining much popularity, specially in urban areas for their functionality and aesthetic aspects. Hiding stains or damp patches behind the soothing, serene green walls is a clever hack. Most green walls come with self-watering systems and are fixed at a gap from the wall, so they don’t cause dampness due to watering.

  1. Create a canvas:

The lower half of a wall is prone to getting dirty specially when you have small children playing around. Channelize your inner Picasso and paint an imaginative landscape straight out of your imaginary world. Use dark paints which will prevent dirt from being visible and also blend beautifully with the rest of the walls. Take up simple designs and put it on the wall.

  1. Add vintage style:

Cover up a few small cracks and stains with your creativity. If you are a music enthusiast and love being nostalgic quite often, you can arrange some vinyl records on your wall. The poster of your favourite band or music instruments can also grace the wall. You can also use mirrors, bead curtains and wall hangings to hide ugly spots and create a charming backdrop for the seating.

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