Are you ready with your post COVID travel plans?

Traveling overseas, you say?

Have you purchased the most appropriate travel insurance policy for you?

Getting an insurance plan while traveling alone or with family can be a hectic task. With many travel insurance providers coming up with different plans and offers on their plans, it creates confusion amongst the travelers about choosing the travel insurance that suits you better.

To save your time and make your work easy, Travel Insurance Master helps you search for the right insurance provider according to your preference and needs. IMG travel insurance is an insurance provider that covers versatile areas of insurance policies.

Here are all the facts you must know about IMG travel Insurance to choose the best plan for yourself. Continue reading to absorb all the information about IMG Travel Insurance.

What is IMG Travel Insurance?

IMG Travel Insurance is commonly known as iTravelInsured. They are the leading travel insurance providers. International Medical Group is their parent company. The company has gained a reputation based on the services they provide. The company covers various aspects: giving program management, travel insurance, and acting as an agency to aid insurance companies license to manage travel insurance.

A vast range of travelers who regularly buy travel insurance is connected to them. The broad category of their clients includes business people, missionary groups, athletes, maritime officers, etc. They are the favorite of travelers because their mechanism of providing Insurance to their customers is effortless and convenient. You can claim your Insurance by providing the necessary documents and by submitting all required forms.

What Insurance Plans do IMG Travel Insurance Provides?

IMG travel insurance covers a wide range of insurance policies. It includes travel medical insurance, international health insurance, and travel insurance. Travel medical insurance covers medical expenses and emergencies when you are outside of your native country. Moreover, this is a temporary type of coverage. Next is international health insurance. This type of coverage provides Insurance to global citizens who are internationally working for more than a year.

Apart from this, IMG travel insurance covers travel delays, baggage losses, and much more. Furthermore, these plans are categorized into three plans.

  • Travel Lite

This travel insurance plan is specially designed for travelers who are worried about their investment in the trip. So, they always look for trip cancellation and trip interruption services to protect their investment. The plan also provides you coverage for baggage and travel delay. This is the most affordable plan by IMG travel insurance, in which you also get access to their non-insurance travel assistance service.

  • Travel LX

The Travel LX plan includes everything that any traveler could think of to be there in an ideal travel insurance plan. The canceling and interruption facilities for any reason are included in the plan, and that too for no cost. The majority of travel insurance plans do not provide the travelers with coverage for adventurous activities or issues they might face during their visit to a vulnerable and exotic land. This is not the case with IMG Travel Insurance’s Travel LX plan. They provide you with coverage for visiting remote locations and for adventurous activities worldwide.

  • Travel SE

It is the most popular program offered by IMG Travel Insurance. The plan is famous for domestic and international destinations. Whether you take a vacation tour abroad or on a cruise, travel insurance benefits and coverage is available for you. Every major and minor thing of your use, like internet usage, movie rentals, and much more, are included in the plan.

What are the Benefits of Buying IMG Travel Insurance?

As you read about all the travel insurance packages, they offer to their clients. It is quite vivid from there that IMG Travel Insurance is worth a try. Some additional benefits of purchasing an IMG Travel Insurance are:

  • It is Cost-Effective
  • Coverage for Trip Interruption
  • Medical Coverage
  • Coverage for trip cancellation
  • Emergency Evacuation


Here we come to the end of this post with noteworthy features of IMG Travel Insurance. After reading the post, if you have made your mind buy a travel insurance plan from IMG Travel Insurance, visit Travel Insurance Master to purchase the plan online.


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