The costs and perks of self-driving vehicles are now essentially speculative. In order to adequately analyze how they can affect drivers, the economy, equity, and environmental and public health, more research is needed.

An underlying issue is safety. Every year several thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents; self-driving cars could, hypothetically, minimize the number; machines could prove to be less vulnerable to error than humans were, but cyber security is still a major concern.

Another significant factor is equity. Self-driving vehicles could help to mobilize people who, such as the elderly or disabled, are unable to drive themselves. Although the mass introduction of autonomous vehicles could also displace millions of drivers employed, have a negative effect on public transit funding, and reinforce the injustices of the existing transport system.

A significant concern, and a major uncertainty, is environmental impacts. Self-driving vehicles that are available, inexpensive, and comfortable could increase the overall amount of miles driven per year. If these cars are fuelled by oil, then climate pollution related to transportation will skyrocket. However, if the vehicles are electrified it is still better. Emissions could drop much more to the degree that electrified self-driving vehicles encourage more sharing rides.

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