Traveling in India in vehicles in luxurious fashion in different cities of India. This luxury van can accommodate 5 to 15 people allow people to cross long distances and roam around new places. Vans for business travel and corporate tours. Road tripping is a very exciting and adventurous way to explore Indian geographical and landscape beauty.

It gives a great experience of road traveling with its clean and comfortable vans. Furthermore, it provides a hassle-free and economical journey to any part of India. The benefits of traveling with hired cab rental are in enjoying local cuisines on their way and having a panoramic view of natural sceneries and Indian diversified culture.

Some of the luxury sprinter vans around

Mercedes Benz sprinter van turbo diesel V6 power with BlueTEC clean-diesel. Technology powers an optional new drive train with a demand all-wheel drive. Moreover, it is linked to a smooth-shifting 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode with a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel power plant that puts out 188 HP and 325 lb-ft of torque across a broad rpm range, giving you ample pulling power when the light goes green or when merging onto a highway, especially under load. Sprinter van carries executives to airport or friends and family to playing field, standard four-wheel discs with optional ABS and integrated acceleration glide control provides reassuring stopping power and handling stability

It has cavernous interior space, tall standing height, and class-leading payload capacities into opulent space with all the room, integrating, and refinement you need to succeed and entertain. The unique sprinter van suits all needs and interests; wireless internet, bathroom, folding couches, premium audio systems, and widescreen digital television are among one of the most valued sophisticated amenities available for you to consider.

All sprinter van models feature beautifully styled exterior and handcrafted interiors fabricated in our in-house seating, wood, paint, and engineering facilities. It’s the most spacious with a fantastic 32-inch LCD TV screen, a CD/DVD player, hardwood and carpeted floors, soft leather reclining chairs, and more so that guests can enjoy both comfort and entertainment while traveling on the road. It costs between $ 300 to $ 700 per night to rent a sprinter van. Pack the whole family in the luxury sprinter van rental nyc to drive to your destination.


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