Infusion service providers are looking for active partners that can reduce their rising operational expenses. One of the biggest challenges for any DMEPOS supplier or provider of infusion services is finding someone who can help in managing DSO’s, eliminate process loopholes that leak money, increases claim denials with lackluster front-end work.

A streamlined effort in infusion prior authorization is the order of the day in reducing expenses which creates collection challenges in the long run. A dynamic RCM vendor, who knows how to abide by the adjudication mandates, delivers dedicated resources who are experts in understanding how to get your infusion prior authorization approved on time is the key.

It all comes down to a superior partner that can help in handling all your revenue cycle management problems. If you are looking to collect more, make sure that you are working with a trusted partner that can help you focus better on patient care or your infusion supplies.

Worrying about your lost claims is never easy and can soon run you out of the competitive landscape. Hence, as the CMS has already introduced new rules to get payers to approve your PA’s, it is high time that you invest in better resources that can help you in optimizing your practice management performance.

Sunknowledge is the ultimate choice

For a start, we know how to elevate your overall revenue collections with our streamlined efforts. At just $7 per hour, our ability to deliver actionable support is second to none. At present, we do it everything right from initiating the infusion prior authorization on time, contacting the payers for authorization updates and appeals, working on with the doctors, following up for important documents and procedures, using the right modifiers and codes, updating the outcome of the infusion prior authorization in the practice management system of the provider and many more. At present, we take pride in our accuracy, highest metrics of productivity which accelerates ROI in the best possible manner. Speak to our team to know more on how we set the perfect benchmark in infusion prior authorization.


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