While evaluating the facial beauty of a person, the nose is a prominent feature along with eyes, lips, and smile. As the shape and size of the nose depend on person-to-person, so it is common for people to remain dissatisfied with its looking. We all should indeed be grateful for what we are gifted by nature, but many of us always looking for something more. If one has the choice to change their face structure or features, though it isn’t a bad choice to do so. As simple changes, like that of the lips, nose, or eyes can offer it a cosmetic touch. That’s the reason why nowadays many people are opting for Rhinoplastie Montrealor nose surgery.

On that point, if you are still considering to opt for nose surgery, it might be due to you are not satisfied with its look. However, there are various myth controversial to facts about Rhinoplastie Montrealknowing them will help you to decide to get a nose surgery or not, which are as follows-

  1. Plastic Operation is Similar to Plastic Results

The myth behind it is people consider that plastic surgery means giving the face a fake look, as nose job indicates an extra or false nose shape. It is a common trend from movies and allows people to gossip about celebrities. However, in reality, it is more like the casting of the face. If you opt for service from an experienced surgeon, he or she will measure your face to detect the common ground to work with and re-mold your look to naturally enhance or modify it.

  1. Mark Remains

It is a common myth related to nose surgery is that the mark or scars retain for a long time and visible to others. But the fact is that there will only be a small scratch or two made at the bottom of the nose, and it will gradually fade away with time. The basic scars are invisible from a distance but sometimes visible in a very close look. So, before opting for the nose surgery, it is important to understand a few do’s and don’ts.

  1. Operation is the Only Way

It is a myth that people assume the only way to remodel a nose is through plastic surgery. As in some situations, a nose indeed has to be surgically operated to give it a new shape. However, counting on your needs, Rhinoplasty is also possible with a non-surgical nose job, which is done using Radiuses or Juvederm – these are dermal fillers. It helps in making the dorsal hump, makes the nose look proportioned and slim.

  1. Anesthesia Requirements

It is a myth that every patient undergoing nose surgery will compulsorily need to be under local anesthesia. However, depending on the number of changes to be made, one has to be offered anesthesia. In the case of basic-minor alterations, a light sedative is offered, and for major changes, a patient is given a dose of local anesthesia.

  1. Re-Do Surgery

A popular myth regarding nose job is that one needs to do it again in the future. The overall concept of nose surgery is that it should be done once in life. Now, in most circumstances, one doesn’t need repeat surgery. However, in serious condition, it is mandatory to do re-surgery as no two skins are the same, and sometimes because of later erosion, one might need re-surgery.

Nowadays, many people want to go for Rhinoplastie Montrealbut some still hold back considering the myths related to nose surgery. So, this blog will help readers with a few common myths and the reality behind them all.  


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