Yes, it is considered completely safe to repair the LG refrigerator. If you are looking for LG refrigerator repair in Chicago are in need of repair, you can consider getting help from Same Day Repair Chicago. Though if your refrigerator is broken that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new one! You can save tons of money by repairing the old appliance on your own. 

Here are some steps to make sure you do it correctly:

  1. Make sure to unplug the fridge and turn off the water line before going any further. 
  2. Remove all food from the inside shelves and put it in plastic bags (so you don’t get dirty!) 
  3. Carefully remove any objects that may be stuck or difficult to move thanks to tape, superglue, or heavy items like bottles of water or milk. This will make everything easier! 
  4. Remove the screws and the parts that are attached to the main body of the fridge. 
  5. Remove the ice maker, if it’s one of those that use water and not ice. 
  6. Next, remove all contents from the refrigerator cavity (it should be empty) and wipe down all hard surfaces with a damp rag or paper towel so you don’t leave any fingerprints or debris from cleaning on the inside of your fridge. 
  7. Pre-clean all components you plan to replace before putting them back together using a toothbrush, diluted dishwashing soap, and lukewarm water in short bursts (too much pressure will damage your new parts). 
  8. You should have a new gasket kit, which will include the top, bottom, and door gaskets. 
  9. When applying your new seals, lay them down in front of you with the sticky backing side up. Remove the paper backing carefully and stick it onto your fridge cavity accordingly. 
  10. Now you can start putting things back together! 
  11. Make sure everything is properly in place (the freezer door will work a lot better if it’s not crooked) and screw everything back together (it shouldn’t take that long). 
  12. Re-install all parts inside the refrigerator cavity to make sure they’re secured and then plug your fridge back in! 

 Your LG will now be as good as new. Well, there are several advantages of repairing an LG refrigerator. Now, let us have a look at the advantages of the same. 

Advantages of repairing a refrigerator

A broken refrigerator can be a major inconvenience and cost. Refrigerators are now built to last, which means that if you are fortunate enough to live in an area that offers reasonably priced repair services, you may want to consider repairing your refrigerator rather than replacing it when it breaks. Some advantages of repairing a fridge include the following- 

  • Lower Prices

Repairing a refrigerator is often cheaper than buying one new. And, contrary to popular belief, most refrigerators can be repaired or rebuilt cheaply without sacrificing quality.

  • More Convenient

When your fridge is broken and needs repair or rebuilding, the convenience of having the technician come right out to fix it for you cannot be overstated.

  • No Need To Move

Most repairs can be made while the refrigerator is in place in your kitchen. Even if your broken fridge needs to be moved, it will only require a small amount of effort to unplug it and set it down in a new location.


  • Stronger Refrigerators 

A newly repaired refrigerator should function at least as well as a brand new one, which is usually the case when you have purchased a new refrigerator.

  • More Reliable

When you have an appliance that works with reliability, its value increases significantly. If you have one that does not work with reliability anymore, you would be wise to replace it so that you do not risk losing any of its electrical components when it breaks down again.

  • Greener 

Because they are more energy-efficient, refrigerators that are repaired using environmentally friendly methods perform better and last longer than ones that are not. 

These are the advantages of repairing the refrigerator. Well, there are several people with so many questions in their heads about the repairing issues of the refrigerator. Well, let us have a look at the same. 

What are the most frequently asked question by people on the issue or the topic of repairing the refrigerator. 

Top FAQs asked by people on repairing of this appliance

  • Why was my refrigerator breaking down?

There are many reasons a refrigerator may break down without warning. Before diagnosing the problem, consider the following:

  • The refrigerator may be too old or too new for its age.
  • It may not have been installed correctly.
  • There may be a mechanical defect that can’t be seen but can still cause problems.

The appliance may be incorrectly set up to run efficiently or is overworking itself. A thermostat issue or a clogged cooling coil are common problems that affect many refrigerators over time.

Some of the most common problems people have with their refrigerators include:

  • The refrigerator isn’t cooling well.
  • The refrigerator is leaking water.
  • The refrigerator is too loud.
  • Should I replace the refrigerator or fix it?

There are many reasons why you may decide to replace your refrigerator instead of fixing it. Assuming the appliance has outlived its useful lifespan or is just too old, your best option is to replace it rather than repairing it, especially if repairs would cost more than a new one would. If you’re considering replacement, consider the following:

  • Will a new refrigerator cost more or less than repairs? Generally speaking, a new refrigerator will be slightly cheaper over time when compared with repairing an older model (a newer model will last longer and require less maintenance).
  • Will replacing the refrigerator and repairing items also affect the overall cost of your project? For example, will replacing a water heater require you to replace other parts, like the hot water heater or pipe?
  • If you purchase a new refrigerator rather than fixing an old one, will your cost or energy usage change at all? How much will you pay for electricity if you have to buy an entire replacement set of appliances— is that worth it in terms of increased efficiency versus fix-it costs?
  • Why Does My Refrigerator Contain Disturbing Smells?

The smell in your refrigerator is most likely caused by food that is going bad. Stale, old food can emit funky aromas, and this can often be a frustrating problem that can occur when you run out of room in the refrigerator. In some cases, people choose to keep their refrigerator open to avoid smells and to allow the appliance to “breathe” freely — or they choose to keep some of their food in the freezer, where it lasts longer.

You can also consider using activated charcoal to remove the odor from your refrigerator. Activated charcoal is often used in water filters and aquariums to absorb odours and impurities, and you can purchase it at a pet store or an aquarium store. You may have to replace the charcoal once a month to prevent it from absorbing too many odors, but it can be worth your time.  

  1. When is the best time to get a new refrigerator and replace the old one?

Well, the best time to get a new refrigerator is when repairing the old one costs you more and is equal to the price of getting a new one. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your refrigerator keeps breaking down more than usual times and demands repair frequently then you should consider getting a new one for yourself. 

These are the most frequently asked questions by people on the repairing of a refrigerator. Though if you are looking for LG refrigerator repair in Chicago then you can consider seeking help from Sameday Chicago-Refrigerator


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