Kharadi is one of the prime real estate hotspots in Pune, with a high demand for commercial as well as residential properties. The apartments in Kharadi find a good market both among investors and end-users, urging reputed developers to come up with real estate projects in the locality. This is an added advantage for the buyers as they get to choose from a wide variety of options. Let us take a look at the reason that make Kharadi such a good real estate destination. 

  • Good infrastructure: Kharadi is one of the oldest among the residential suburbs of Pune. Over the years, the region has undergone immense development, thus offering solid social infrastructure. You will be able to pick from some of the best schools and colleges in India for your children. Several reputed hospitals offer advanced healthcare facilities in and around Kharadi. The fast-paced lifestyle is made energetic and enjoyable by the various entertainment and shopping venues here.
  • Commercial opportunities: The influx of migrants triggered by the alluring employment prospects in Pune is the key reason behind the increasing demand for homes. The projects in Kharadi offer superb connectivity to various important parts of the city, including the IT hubs. This enables residents to enjoy excellent job opportunities. The business prospects are also quite lucrative as the high population creates a good market for a variety of goods and services. 
  • Investment prospects: The proximity to the employment hubs makes Kharadi a popular residential zone among the migrants moving to Pune for jobs. With the employment opportunities growing, you would be able to find tenants with ease. In recent years, the prices for property in Kharadi are on the rise. This implies that the value of a property you buy today would grow over time. This would reflect in an increase in returns from rent. You would also be able to get a high resale value if you sell off the home in a few years.
  • Variety of homes: Whether you seek an affordable home or a luxurious one, you would always have a wide variety at your disposal to choose from. Moreover, you would be able to pick a configuration that meets your requirements perfectly. As you can choose from several well-known developers, you can stay assured about quality too. 

Evidently, flats in Kharadi are great investment assets and also perfect for end-users. Buying a home in this region would be a smart choice. 


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