This is a world of technology. It is prevailing in every trades. It won’t be a surprising thing if it dominates the number plate market. In fact, technology backed number plates will help the police and the law authorities to get to the solution of any crime efficiently.

Technologically enhanced private number plates are easier to track. Also, it will help in reducing loads of paperwork. Let’s see how technology influences the market of the number plate.

Electronic License Plates

Electronic number plates are soon going to dominate the market of number plates. An organization named Compliance Innovations first featured the thought. It promoted a tech-heavy kind of number plate representing the DMV Heaven, irrespective of locations.

Electronic private number plates are praiseworthy as it lowers the number of labor. Again, it is responsible for improving communication freeing the people to fill out forms and queue in long lines, and do other time-taking activities.

For example, if you wish to change your number plate, you have sent a simple call to the DMV for getting it done wirelessly. You don’t have to go anywhere and do it yourself.

Again, if you fail to pay the insurance or you are driving a vehicle that is not taxed properly, you will get a warning from the respective authorities as your private number plate is being constantly monitored.

Additionally, if your number plate or the car is stolen or put to any illegal activity without your knowledge, you will receive notification and take action on time. Even, the police authorities can track down the real culprits easily and free you from any mishap.

It is yet to decide the right size, comprehensive security factors, screens, price, what is required to be displayed on the screen, and various other things. The personalized electronic number plates must be made given the convenient size with super-strong security layers from protecting it from hackers.

Now, moving on towards registering of number plates in the UK:

More than 100 years ago, the British government has decided to regulate motorized vehicles. It was then finalized that each vehicle must have a unique identity number. Thus, the era of personalized number plates was started with A1.

Each vehicle must be identified. It is mandatory in every corner of the world. The personalized number plates are the ones that help in the identification process. Each car has two number plates attached, one at the front and the other at the back. Since the first number plate A1 was issued, millions of number plates have been registered since then. Presently, the DVLA administers the current number plate system in the UK.

The present format of the number plates:

The first two letters are placed. Then, two numbers follow the first two letters. Then, three letters are placed.

Example:- TO 11 MMY

People belong to higher and middle-income strata are opting for private number plates meaning they are choosing customized numbers and letters to spell a unique word like their name, favorite club, profession, celebrity, etc. Along with the DVLA, private number plate dealers and auctioneers also sell number plates.

Again, the DVLA boasts a list of suppliers who are required to register for being able to supply number plates. You are able to locate registered number plate suppliers and deal via postcode. DVLA also does the job of selling unissued registrations through a website.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System:

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition makes it possible for recognizing the identification of vehicles through the camera captured video. The video surveillance cameras capture the number plates of the vehicles and from those plates, the entire information can be availed.

It needs careful considerations to install ANPR cameras on law enforcement in the vehicles. The right number of cameras and their proper positioning is required for flawless results. Highway patrol needs specific forward-looking cameras that can read number plates of the passing vehicles accurately. Even, cameras installed at parking zones must be placed in such a way, concentrating on the shorter range and lower focal length, to clearly capture the parked vehicles’ personalized number plates.

Thus, it can be said that technology has already entered the market of private number plates, and gradually, it may cover the entire realm of registration number plates easing things for people.


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