Every child is different, and their educational journey varies depending on many factors and events in their lives. There may be many challenges along the way which could lead to a child falling behind in studies as they cope with life.

Being a parent, too, is not an easy task, and it’s definitely not easy to read subtle signs if your child is falling behind in school. But if you do recognize these signs in your child, there many ways in which you can help your child.

These are some signs that as a parent you need to recognize in your child.

Dodge Approach

Is your child dodging going to school or to the playground? Is your child having a mysterious stomach or a headache at the time of going to school? Is your child dodging all the questions related to school?

There may be many emotional issues that could cause such a behavior. Fortunately, many private schools in Abu Dhabi have trained professional teaching staff who help parents understand the behavior of their children.

Whining about being bored

If your child is always whining about being bored in school, there might be a high chance that he/she is lagging behind in comparison to his peers and not being able to cope up with them. The inability to understand simple concepts could mean the child is suffering from deeper issues. Parents should refrain from blaming teachers in such matters, and instead, have a chat with the teacher to understand the child’s problem.

Many private schools in Abu Dhabi help you observe and recognize the child’s problem at a basic level. This comes with enhanced professionalism in teachers along with their coaching and guidance ability.

Coping with Stress

Sometimes a child can be the victim of immense workload and pressure. Schoolwork, especially during exam time, can be stressful for children. Unable to take the stress, some children show a dramatic fall in their academic performance.

A child who once showed promise could develop a tendency to neglect studies altogether because she/he is unable to cope with stress and pressure. There is a tendency to turn to vice, indulge in plagiarism and cheating, under such circumstances.

Most private schools, like GIIS Abu Dhabi, have a system in place to monitor a child’s progress. They have customized systems in place to capture a child’s learning trajectory and give help whenever required.

Private schools in Abu Dhabi also provide a wide range of support facilities for students who are having a tough time keeping up with their peers and classmates.


You might think that your child is talking back to teachers, not participating in school activities being lazy, and misbehaving but there can be a cause for this dramatic behavior.

The child is not being able to cope up with his studies which is increasing the level of frustration and anxiety in the child. An increase in the level of anxiety can cause hyper activeness, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite and the child might refuse to go to school.

The important thing is to study and understand the dramatic behavior of the child and provide the support he/she needs. Teachers from the private school in Abu Dhabi are trained to understand and support every need of a child.


This is what your child needs, if you see any of these signs in them, DONT IGNORE them because your help in their childhood can make their adulthood better.

The first step is to talk to them and try to understand the motive and the reason behind their behavior.

The second step is to talk to their friends and try to study the difference in their behavior at home and with friends. And, most importantly is to ask and seek help from their teachers. There is a chance that they are grateful for you to share this information with them. Together you all can work to find a way to support and understand the child’s needs. The teachers in the private school Abu Dhabi are trained and always ready to help.

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