It is quite surprising but a true fact that staff augmentation has gained immense prominence in the past few years in almost all industries. Staff augmentation, which was also known as outsourcing previously, has developed into one of the most strong and robust industries today providing employment to millions of people globally. On-demand project management professionals are high in demands in various industries. With properly channelized IT staff augmentation in South East Michigan, many companies are being able to run their business and work smoothly.

We all are aware of the fact that technological developments are taking place in the IT industry rapidly. And to remain in the race, it is important to learn and implement these changes in the work as much as possible. If businesses want to have a competitive advantage, it is important that the staff remains adept with latest technologies. It might happen that the current staff in the company is not able to handle these technologies. In such a situation, outsourcing the job is the only alternative. With proper IT staff augmentation, the work can be handled in the best professional manner.

Reasons why IT staff augmentation has gained so much popularity with companies

Mentioned below are some of the prominent reasons why IT staff augmentation in South East Michigan has gained so much popularity with various companies in the area:

  • Extended availability–Time is not far when having global reach will be as vital and crucial as having global-ready CMS. Economic globalization is taking on the whole world and in this situation, isolated models are sure to become obsolete. Dynamic evolution is bound to take place and this will lead to companies seeking off-site solutions, partially if not totally.

International expansion of business is considered as a safe strategy. And for that it is important to find the right professionals. Hiring full time professionals might not always be a feasible option. Therefore many companies look for outsourcing the job so that the job gets completed on time and there is no liability for the worker with the company. This extended availability of workforce is vital when one looks to get a job done within a stipulated time frame.


  • Staying in control–In case projects are outsourced completely, the company does not have total control. However, with staff augmentation, the problem is handled to quite an extent as there is a sense of security amidst moments of uncertainty. There are many risks which are associated with outsourcing and many of these risks are hidden. When it comes to staff augmentation, it means that people will work as a group or as a team. As a result, the work will get done smoothly and within the deadline.


  • Cost-effective solution–With IT staff augmentation in South East Michigan, it is possible to minimize overhead and save good amount of money at the same time. With full time hiring, the company has to pay various kinds of personnel costs to the employee like paid absences, insurance benefits, gratuity, provident fund etc., which make considerable part of payroll costs. However, with staff augmentation, the company only pays for the skills of the employee with no other liability. Once the requirement is over, the company has no liability for the candidate.


  • Support throughout day and night–There are high chances that uneventful things happen when you are not around. And for that, the company might have to incur huge amounts of losses. There are many industries in which support is required throughout day and night for proper functioning of the whole setup. Data centers are such places. Downtime in servers in these places can prove to be expensive for the company. With proper recruitment in these places, the problems can be handled in time and thus the losses can be minimized and even eliminated.


  • High accessibility of talented workforce–This is probably one of the best advantages of IT staff augmentation in South East Michigan. Generally hiring, sourcing, training and retaining employees is quite a time consuming affair. However with staff augmentation, you have qualified and experienced staff ready for working right away. These professionals will understand the work and implement their skills accordingly.


Choosing a proper agency for IT staff augmentation in South East Michigan can solve your recruitment problems to a great extent.


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