Hydrate, Restores vitamin balance, Relaxation, anti-inflammatory,
This popular all purpose Meyers cocktail IV will also give instant hydration with 1L of Normal saline. Containing the perfect blend of essential multivitamins and anti-oxidants infused directly into the circulatory system to maximizes cellular absorption, ensuring nutritional balance throughout the body. This infusion helps increase immune support, relax muscle cramps, and restore hydration and balance to your mind, body and muscles.

Immunodefense (corona blocker) – With Vit d3

Hydrate, Increase immune function, Faster illness recovery, Cellular support and repair
The Immunodefense iv drip queens your immune system a Megaboost of nutrients to defend against colds and flus. It helps improve immune health, mental clarity, muscle aches and fatigue. Containing high doses of Vitamin C, B complex, zinc, and Vitamin D combined with our proprietary blend of vitamins. This is the perfect IV to have at the first sign of a cold or fl.


Hydrate, Brightens skin, Stronger hair and nails,
The ultimate beauty IV with high doses of essential powerful nutrients to repair and rejuvenate cells of the skin, hair, scalp and nails. Containing High does of glutathione, biotin, folic acid, B Complex, pantothenic acid for glowing skin, strong hair and healthy nails.

Hangover Detox

Hydration, Headache/Nausea Relief, hangover relief, replenish Electrolytes,
Hangover Detox is a fast acting combination of one full liter of hydration combined with high dose vitamins, anti-nausea, anti-reflux and headache relief. This Drip has everything you need to detoxifying, rehydrate, and soothe nausea and head and body aches. Getting you back on track fast after a big night out.

The Jetsetter

Hydration, Energy , decrease fatigue, Jet lag relief, replenish Vit D
Traveling can be fun, but Jet lag is definitely not. Changing time zones, air cabin pressure and poor sleep patterns can create disharmony and fatigue in the body. This is a Pre and post Travel Drip equipped with hydration, energizing B Complex, potent antioxidants as well as vitamin D to help you feel like a day of sunshine.


Hydration, boosts post procedure and surgical healing, Anti Inflammation
Helps to maximize your body’s ability for tissue repair and wound healing with this IV. The high doses of vitamin C, zinc, anti oxidants help reduce the stress on a body after surgery and procedures, and increase cellular growth and repair.

Ironman Endurance

Hydration, Muscle recovery, increased metabolism, Energy Endurance,
Pre-gaming your muscles and body with hydration and nutrients to give you the strength you need to excel. This IV is loaded with protein building Amino acids, Electrolytes, energizing multivitamins and antioxidants. The Ironman IV has benefits far beyond anything you get from energy drinks, shakes or pills.


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