Do you have any idea who can be the defendants in a truck accident? Have you ever experienced any truck-involved accident where you got saved by God’s grace but lost your property or someone dear to you? Whatever may be the case, you must possess knowledge about truck accident defendants and how a truck accident attorney can help you.

Who can be held as defendants in a claim related to a truck accident?

Usually, a normal car accident involves drivers and insurance agencies as defendants. But with trucks, things are different. Truck accident claims have multiple defendants like:

  • Trucking company
  • Truck contractor
  • Truck driver
  • Employer of truck driver
  • Assistant of truck driver
  • Insurance company
  • Cargo manufacturer
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Truck maintenance company

Explaining in detail:

Any specific truck driver can independently work as a company’s contractor. Here, the company should be responsible for hiring truckers and forward contracts to them. So, this case involves three defendants like a truck driver, a hiring company that signed a contract with him/her, and a truck agency having a contract with a separate recruiting agency.

Then comes the nature of the accident. Based on it, others can be held as defendants such as manufacturers of trucks, and makers of cargo that are loaded on the truck.

Moreover, truck companies are connected to one or more insurance agencies. Now, these agencies are also defendants.

You have to reach a truck accident attorney and ask for help.

Establishing liability for a particular accident involving a commercial truck:

Liability depends on the fact that each individual holds a specific set of obligations and responsibilities in any type of situation.

For instance, a truck driver should know whether his/her driving is going as per the state and traffic laws and rules. Again, pedestrians and other drivers sharing the same road must obey road rules and hold responsibilities for safety purposes.

A truck accident attorney always considers the individuals who are liable for the accident.

Now, a truck accident can occur due to many situations. Of them, two common but twisted situations are jackknifing and turning trucks.

In case of jackknifing:

Many times, truck drivers have to drive on slippery roadways. Again, sometimes they may have to turn the truck forcefully for avoiding a nearby vehicle or human or animal. In these cases, a truck tends to jackknife. Here, you may not consider the driver liable for the mess.

In case of turning truck:

Commercial trucks are massive in size. They need a broader area to turn. Often, two lanes are required for turning a truck successfully. It happens that the driver may fail to turn properly causing a fatal accident.

A truck accident attorney decides the liable person based on the accident’s state. Victims may or may not get compensation. If no one is liable for the accident, then recovering damages is highly complicated.

You may be at fault:

In a truck accident, you may be the faulty party. If you know that the mishap happened due to your negligence, approach a truck accident attorney without fail. Your lawyer may deal with the truck agency and free you from giving a vast amount of money. The professional attorney may negotiate for the lowest settlement.

Again, if anyone from the truck or truck agency’s part is responsible for the accident, your truck accident attorney will file a lawsuit against the faulty party. He/she will fight the case on your behalf to get you the maximum amount of compensation.


Truck companies are immensely rich, and they have considerable sources to use against you. Therefore, be very careful and let your lawyer handle everything.

When should you go to a truck accident lawyer?

Truck accidents differ from regular road wrecks. These accidents involve many complicated aspects, and you may result in zero if handle carelessly. Again, you may be severely injured and not able to be present in court. Truck companies take advantage of your weakness. They may try to bribe you with some amount of money. Also, they can scare you in many ways showing their hold over police and law authorities.

Whatever be the case, positively take the help of a truck accident attorney without taking any chance. Don’t depend on your insurer to help you as that agency always wants to pay the minimum amount or nothing. Additionally, never share truck accident photos or your injury pictures on social media sites. It may work negatively. Seek advice from your truck accident attorney before taking a single step. If you need the support of friends and family members, share your situation with them over the phone or in private, and never on social media.

Remember that your compensation includes the loss you suffered, pain, and other costs related to the accident. Only a truck accident attorney can help you receive the best possible amount to recover your losses.


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