One of the most spoken languages in Singapore is ‘Malay’ and Tingkat is a Malay word that means ‘Tiffin carriers’. The Tiffin carrier means delivering daily meals to people. The people who are working hardly get time to cook a proper meal for themselves but no one can survive without food. One gets the nutrients and energy from the diet but if one does not get a proper diet then the body may lack nutrients and become weak. So, in order to solve this problem, one can order Tingkat food delivery in Singapore.

The Tingkat menu has certain features:

Healthy ingredients

The food that is cooked for such delivery service has low cholesterol level and low salt level. Also, the vegetable oil used for cooking the food is pure and there is no added MSG in the food.

Different menus

The menu for Tingkat keeps on changing and they follow different menu daily so that one does not get bored from one kind of food. The menu includes the local favourites of people and one can choose accordingly.

New variations

The Tingkat catering keeps on bringing new variations in the menu. They keep on bringing new dishes in the menu, adding, or subtracting the dishes. The variation is important so that the daily customers can enjoy it daily. One gets bored with the same dishes every day.

Delivery at doorstep

They also provide lunch Tingkat delivery at doorstep. One can just order it online or book it in advance for the number of days. The providers provide delivery at the doorstep and the customer does not need to visit the place as well.

Hygienic meals

The service providers have professionals for making such food and they make it in their hygienic kitchens and by adopting all safety and hygiene measures. They provide fresh and suitable meals for individuals and families.

Easy packing

The food comes in clean containers, which are easily disposable. If one wants to heat the food that can be done as well easily in the microwave. The food is served in a highly convenient way.

If one has any problem with cooking food then one can just order Tingkat delivery services and enjoy the healthy meal without any problem. The food is affordable and healthy for an individual. For daily users, they even send the menu for the next day in advance. The Tingkat delivery services are a for sure go-to option.


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