Are you searching kratom for sale? Know the effects and consequences before purchasing.

Kratom is a tropical tree having the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa has mind-altering effects. The basic part used is the leaves. It can be both used as a recreational drug and for opioid withdrawal. It has sensory suppressive effects and offers pain relief. Factors affecting kratom absorption in the body system include age, body fat, frequency, genetics, BMR, electrolyte balance. The presence of kratom in the body can be detected by urine analysis.

In this article you will know about the effects and consequences of Kratom on the body. So for more details have a look below.

  1. Effects of Kratom on the body

It acts as an antidepressant and anti-anxiety drug. From traditional times it has been used as a drug for pain relief as it works on the receptors of the brain. So it is proven beneficial in relieving muscle aches, fatigue, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Thus, it elevates mood and increases focus and energy.

  1. Consequences of Kratom

Probable side effects include hallucinations, insomnia, lack of appetite, drowsiness, poor concentration. Some mild side effects may range from heart palpitation, dry mouth, nausea, irritability, vomiting to mood changes, and behavioral problems. It can have dependence issues in the long run.

However, its medical use outnumbers its negative impacts, and it is legal in all aspects. It is easily available online under the tag kratom for sale.


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