Summer is already here and it calls for adding some bling to your existing home décor? After all, who does not want a cozy, comfy visual charm in their living space? And, with LED lights you can do it perfectly well. Recently, decoration with LED lights has become a norm as they can bring up the best of your interior decoration. Here’s a look into six awesome ways that Mrs. Nandana Sen, a high school teacher and an amateur designer has incorporated in her 3 BHK apartment near New Barrackpore.

Talking about her new flat, an ultramodern apartment near Jessore Road, she pointed out how each and every nook and corner of her living space is thoughtfully designed. Being in the city fringe, she was bit little doubtful about its aesthetics But, a convenient location, accessibility to brilliant connectivity, and most importantly an enviable aesthetics won her heart. And, here she shares her own tips to deck up a summer ready home that will be a charming ocean of bliss.

Go Playful with Fairy Lights Mason Jars

The one and only lighting decoration that suits any season is the string lights. Bottled in the mason jars these lights can do wonders to perk up the summery vibe in your living space. Whether you are planning to embellish an existing setting or want to decorate the setting right from the scratch, string lights in mason jars can work wonder. Decoration with bottled string lights especially in the garden or balcony can add a soft glow especially in the sultry summer.

A Lighted Up Hallway

Well, a spacious hallway can be the prime attraction of your living space, but have you done anything to impart it a summer look? If not, it’s time to try out the summer decoration with bright, beautiful, and of course, energy-efficient LED bulbs. For a spacious hallway, chandeliers are best. But, it adds a bit more glam quotient when fitted with bright LED Candles. To intensify the dramatic appeal, pair up the chandeliers with some recessed downlights.

Concealed Lights for the Added Pizzazz

It’s summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little creative with your home decoration. It’s not always about an air-conditioned home with ample of cool breeze coming inside. Summer decoration also entails a lot of focus on the décor drama of your living space. With an apt use of concealed lighting, you can achieve a dreamy look that itself takes you on a calm and tranquil ambiance as soon as you step inside. A subdued and soothing lighting concealed light can be best use in the bookshelves, TV units, and in the kitchen shelves as well. Even in your bedroom, concealed light creates an immaculately dreamy atmosphere round the year.

Intertwined Plants with LED Strings

Indoor gardening is amazing especially in the summers. Not only they add a green essence but also keep the temperature level down. Many people op for container gardening as well during the dreary summertime. But, you can go a little unique, a bit creative with decorating your plants leaves with LED strings. Simply intertwine the plant’s leaves with LED strings to add a lot of drama.

A Fresh Glow with Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are one of the most coveted décor items. For summer decoration, these are amazing. First of all, they can create a lighted up ambiance without much hassle, and secondly you can notch up a cool and comfortable summer home simply by switching it on. During the summer parties and evening get together, these beautiful LED lights can give you a lot more than just a bright illumination.

For a summer ready home, opt for lighting range that offers a perfect mix of old world charm with the new.


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