A hot desk is nothing more than a form of seating arrangement in a coworking space which does not provide the participant with a fixed choice. A hot desk is usually an entrance to a shared area that allows members to sit inside the shared lounge and work anywhere. Since there is no set location, if people get up to get a cup of coffee or just take a walk, they might lose their spot. Generally, desks are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and are the cheapest choice in any hot desk area.

Ideally, a hot desk is ideal for a small businessman, a freelance professional, or anyone looking for a cheap, but professional office space. If people are a small business owner, they should find their team taking up a hot desk kit that will include free meeting room points that can be used to host important meetings. As the cheapest choice in a coworking space is a hot desk, it’s typically also the most in-demand.

Whereas a fixed desk varies somewhat from a hot desk, it is an arrangement in which the member has a designated place to function as long as the membership is valid at the coworking room. For most instances, a dedicated desk would have a seat where people can stationary leave the office without having to cart them around. A fixed desk can cost much more than a hot desk. That is due to the dedicated room provided by the coworking space and they usually have cabinets for also storing their personal belongings.


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