It can surely be stated that San Francisco is an essential city in the development of California and the west shore. There’s a whole lot of history in town. During the construction of the transcontinental railroad, the Central Pacific Railroad worked from San Francisco, supplying one end of this track. Even today, there’s a whole lot to do in town. You’ll get a lively night life, walking tours in San Francisco and lots to do even throughout the day.

Driving in SF can surely be a nuisance. There’s a whole lot of traffic in the region, and during rush hour, traffic may slow to a crawl. The hills certainly are not any picnic to push on either. Within the area, there’s a transit system that includes buses, trolleys, and the famed cable cars. For traveling to outlying areas, there’s the Cal Train commuter train, along with the Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART. Lots of the condos and houses in the Bay region are close to a number of bus stops, in addition to within walking distance of several food restaurants and markets.

If you prefer mild winters and cool summers, then the weather here will fit you just fine. The average high in the winters is all about 57 degrees, which makes it a beautiful spot for people who don’t like snow. On the other hand, the normal high in the summer time is just about 70 degrees. Therefore the summers aren’t considerably warmer than the winters.

Despite those pitfalls, San Francisco is a fascinating city. There are Lots of sights to visit, such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Pier 39.

Being the food aficionado what I love the most about the place is San Francisco food tours that keeps most of my weekends busy and happy.

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