Times, these days, are unprecedented, to put it lightly. With a global pandemic ravaging its way through humanity, it seems life, as we know it, has changed for good. Mounting numbers of infected patients, social distancing becoming the mandate and lockdown being put in many places mean postponement of wedding ceremonies for many couples.

As disheartening as it might be, there is only so much one can do about it. This is the need of the hour and keeping yourself and everyone safe is of utmost importance right now. That being said, it is undeniable that with wedding dates being pushed indefinitely, any brides are now faced with the challenge of storing their bridal gowns properly for the time being. No matter what type of bridal couture you may own – satin bridal gowns, lace wedding dresses or an exquisite organza number – storing them can appear to be an overwhelming task. Don’t worry; here are some easy steps for you to ease that task.

  • Firstly, choose a location that is secluded from the rest of the house to store your dress. Make sure that the area is not infested with pests or is not easily accessible to mischievous pets or curious partners. Try not to move the dress once it’s stored. Also, if possible, try not to store it in the attic or exterior wall closets or basements. The walls in these places are not usually climate-controlled.
  • Satin bridal gowns, or bridal any bridal dress for that matter, should ideally be stored hanging rather than folded in a box. Hanging it will ensure that the gown is not creased permanently. The air flow around it will keep it from getting musty. If your dress has illusion straps, make sure you are not making the straps bear the entire weight of the dress in order to prevent tears.
  • Wrap your dress in a breathable acid-free bag first, ideally a cotton bag. If your dress is currently in a plastic wrap, remove it immediately to keep it from being creased or discoloured.
  • Do use padded hangers instead of flimsy plastic ones, especially if your dress has delicate neckline. Padded hangers usually have lined or cotton padding which make them sturdier and acid-free. Gowns are heavy, so make sure you are using all the hanger ribbons in the dress in order to keep it from getting torn or stretched.

Now that you are all sorted with the storing of the satin bridal gowns, it is time to move on to the accessories. Veils, shoes, clutches and even jewellery – store them preferably in an acid-free box, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Do not keep them on the floor where they are easily accessible to pets. Neither should the box be kept in a high traffic, frequently used area. Ideally, they should be kept in the same closet as your dress or in a drawer. At least two weeks before the big day, take them out, along with your wedding dress, to check if everything is in perfect condition.

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