Major Factors in 2019 That Influence SEO Of Your Website

SEO Factors in 2019

Search engines are known as the best and free sources to drive millions of traffic to your website. These search engines often bring changes in their algorithms. That’s why SEO requirements keep on changing. If you want to improve the ranking of your website, it is necessary for you to get an idea about these changes. A well-optimized website is required to get top ranking. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to follow some SEO parameters. Its reason is that without proper SEO, all of your efforts will be wasted. Major factors that can influence the SEO of a website in 2019 are given below;


A Secure and Accessible Website:

In 2019, a secure and accessible website is known as the major SEO factor. It means that the URL of your website should be such that it can easily be accessible by Google’s bots. Some essential tips to make your website secure and easily accessible are to install an SSL certificate, you should create a website with a well-coded website builder, you should create a robot.txt file and you should also create a sitemap for your website which is helpful to you to list all of your pages.


Page Speed:

It is one of the most important aims of Google and all other search engines that they are trying to improve the user experience of the web. It is possible only if your website has fast page-loading not only for desktop users but also for mobile users. For this reason, Google has also announced an update. According to this update, if your website is not loading fast on mobile devices, their bots will penalize your website. Therefore, you should check the speed of your website by using various speed checking tools and try to improve the speed of your website.



In all around the world, more and more people are getting access to different websites via mobile phones. In other words, we can say that the number of mobile users is increasing and the number of desktop users is decreasing. Moreover, the bounce rate of mobile users is also decreasing. That’s why Google is also giving preference to those websites in search results that are mobile-friendliness. For this reason, you should make sure that your website should have a responsive theme that can easily be resized to mobile devices, you should use such font that can easily be readable on mobile devices, it will be easy for users to tap different menus and you should be very careful while in setting ads (Your content should not be hidden by interstitial ads).


Domain Age, URL and Authority:

According to Ahrefs Study, it is observed that more than 60% of websites whose posts are showing in Google’s top ten results are one year or more than one year’s old. It means that the domain and URL age is also an essential ranking factor in the SEO of a website. Sometimes, a domain name can also become a ranking factor for a website but in 2019, Google is penalizing exact-match domains. After that authority of a website also plays a vital role in the ranking of a website. In the authority of a website, there comes well-optimized content, in-bound and out-bound links and some social signals etc. You can easily check the authority of your website with the help of Moz or Open Site Explorer. If the page authority of your website is lower, you should work for the improvement of page authority of your website.


Optimized Content:

Optimized content has one of the most important ranking factors from the last few years but we can’t deny its importance in 2019. Its reason is that if you follow all of other ranking factors and you fail to create well-optimized content, all of your efforts will be wasted. Some essential tips by dissertation writing services to create well-optimized content for your web post are to correctly answer the questions, add targeted keywords in content, try to add some headings and sub-headings, try to create engaging content, add some lists or tables and you should also add some relevant pictures or videos. A well-optimized content will be engaging for readers and readers try to spend more and more time on your website. This is also a positive sign from an SEO point of view.


Technical SEO:

Along with conventional SEO tips, it is also necessary for you to follow some technical SEO tips. Its reason is that these technical SEO tips are also helpful for us to get better ranking in 2019. Some essential technical SEO tips for better optimization of your website are to use keywords in the title page, to use h1, h2 and h3 tags, try to add keyword phrases in the meta description, you should use keyword phrases in alt tags of images and tell the Google about kind of your content.


User Experience:

Nowadays, Google is using artificial intelligence to rank the websites. There are some signals that are providing clues to Google’s bots to increase or decrease the ranking of a website. First of all, there comes to click through rates. It means that Google will show your website in its search results and the percentage of people who are clicking on the link of your website after seeing it is known as click-through rate. You can easily increase the click-through rate of a website by creating a well-optimized title and meta description. Secondly, there comes a bounce rate. You can easily decrease the bounce rate of your website by creating well-optimized content. Thirdly, there comes a dwell rate. You can increase the dwell rate of your website by sharing interesting content.



It is a fact that a website is built on links. Therefore, links are also known as the most important ranking factor for a website. Inbound links, outbound links and internal links play a vital role in the SEO of a website. These links will tell Google’s bots that your content is authoritative. Internal linking is helpful to you to tie different pages of your website for search engines as well as for visitors.


At last, you should also provide some social signals to your web posts. Its reason is that these social signals will also provide a signal to Google’s bots that your content is interesting for readers.

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