Bubble generators and ozone are the new cleaners that will save you from labor. They are a new technology working without harming anything or anyone.

Ozone generators for laboratories

There are two types of ozone generators for laboratory purposes. The first is model 1KNT-24. It uses the corona discharge method for ozone production. With a wattage of 25W, it comes with a DC adaptor. The output of ozone is adjustable but can go as high as 1000 mg/h. It is small, lightweight, noiseless, and cools on its own. It can be fed with any type of air and for that reason; it doesn’t have a built-in air pump. This lab ozone generator provides high ozone concentration and so is suitable for aquarium or fish ponds, and for purifying drinking water.

The other one is the 500AF generator. Its power consumption is below 16W and has a similar weight to 1KNT-24. It requires no additional equipment and can work up to 24 hours (with cyclical use being an option). It can be used to purify water (including drinking water), remove unwanted odors, increase DO in water, and disinfect or sterilize (pests, insects, viruses, fungi, etc).

Bubbles – Are they efficient as famed?

You may have seen faucets producing bubbles instead of water. Special equipment is put in place to convert the water into bubbles with the help of gases available, like oxygen. Ultra fine bubble generators are convenient to use. They come with proper instructions and can be started very easily. Numerous types of faucets can be adjusted with the help of converters. Owing respect to its name, the generator produces decent bubbles. These machines are thoroughly checked before usage. Their functioning is checked and then multiple levels of quality controls are done to check their levels of purification and sterilization.

Advantages of Bubble Technology

Bubble technology can seep out any pests your fruits and veggies might have, and also make them fresher, increasing the shelf life by at least 2 times. It is also known to remove lice and similar pests from animals’ fur. Not just phobic to pests, this technology also has anti-bacterial effects. It can effectively kill bacteria and make numerous objects clean and safe. Sterilization of this kind is very much needed when handling kids. This technology is best used for cleaning and enriching the air (clearing out any odor or smell). For cleaning, it is especially used to clean furniture or remove excess oil. Ultra fine bubble generator replaces the need for high-powered detergents and soaps.

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