Make your house clean before the end of lease

The end of lease cleaning is usually a must-do when you plan to move to a new house and to make a good impression of the house lord is another important thing. The quickest way for this is just to clean thoroughly every room and object in it. After cleaning with the usual methods that you probably apply weekly or monthly, it`s time for deep cleaning. Take a look at the following advice and recommendations to make your house clean before the end of lease.

Plan the end of lease cleaning in advance
One of the greatest difficulties is, to begin with, the cleaning and so a great idea is to plan it in advance, at least a couple of days before moving out. One full day might be enough to clean and deep clean everything, but consider at least a couple of days if you have to deal with big and heavy carpets that require quite long drying time.

Make a quick inspection of the house and check out every corner of the rooms for hidden dirt, dust, and other blemishes. At this step, it`s enough only to inspect the condition of the rooms and the condition of the most soiled objects and areas. This will help you to determine the right detergent solutions and cleaning methods that you will need at a further step.

Start off with vacuuming
Begin with pre-vacuuming all the floorings in the house – from the tiled floors in the bathroom or in the kitchen may be, to the big and heavy carpets. Pre-vacuuming is a preparation of the floorings for further deep cleaning.

The heavily soiled places and objects should be high on the agenda, yet you don`t want to overwhelm yourself if cleaning one same thing two or more times. The objects that need a longer drying time should be high on the agenda too. These are objects like carpets and rugs with long fibers or handmade carpets, which can`t be deep cleaned via a hot-steam system. Find the best method to tread the dirtiest spots first. If you struggle to achieve the desired effect, a good idea is to call a professional cleaning company. Ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues, or stroll through the sites of the cleaning agencies in your region. Browse through their services and find out the best ones that suit your needs.

Or else, you can take the challenge of cleaning the dirtiest spots and blemishes by making the perfect homemade detergents for all the different types of surfaces. Get yourself the perfect cleaning tools as well, which are probably already in your house. For instance, a small grooming brush or a toothbrush for rubbing stains onto the carpets, several bowls with different sizes for the homemade detergents, old clothes or useless towels for application of the detergents, paper towels to absorb the excess, etc.

Cleaning the kitchen
Then, clean the kitchen equipment and objects, which are usually used every day. Dissolve dried greasy spots from the surfaces by soaking up the spots in a simple solution of hot water, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent. Turn off the fridge and defrost it in order to clean it with another homemade detergent of white vinegar and hot water. Remove the racks first and soak them in the same solution while cleaning the fridge itself. Yet that`s only a hint of what`s to come during the kitchen cleaning.

Don’t forget the bathroom
The bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned, too. The sink, the toilette, the bathtub or any other object can be cleaned with a commercial dissolvent-based solution and clean towels. However, to make the tiles and the grout lines shining like new, you may need a rental floor-scrubbing machine and a special silicone-based sealer to protect the grout lines.

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