In the process of taking medications, the temperature is crucial. Controlling the temperature in a production environment is crucial because materials that are very susceptible to temperature variations can degrade readily. You can choose Warehouse Temperature & Humidity Logger Singapore.

Temperature mapping, which involves noting the storage area’s temperature, controls the temperature. A manufacturing facility will have many temperature zones, some of which will be warmer or colder than others. By using temperature mapping, it is ensured that all of the various locations get the desired temperature. Temperature mapping is crucial since that is where the majority of the work is done, particularly in the industrial sector.

How is mapping temperature done?

Storage for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and vaccines often takes place in cold rooms, warehouses, or insulated boxes. Data is gathered across the room for several weeks before the test results are run:

• The space’s or compartment’s temperature when it’s empty.

• The temperature whenever the space is occupied to around one-third of its maximum capacity.

• The interior temperature of the completely occupied space.

When the room’s doors are opened and closed, the temperature varies. The impact of temperature when there is a power outage.

The trouble spots:

First, before the final data is delivered, all these tests are run in-depth.

In a confined space, the temperature does not remain constant from one area to another. Due to the frequent closing and reopening of the doors, places close to them may be slightly warmer than those close to the fans. As a result, temperature mapping is carried out to ensure that the necessary conditions are met at all times.

While doing the mapping, the following must be kept in mind:

Products near loading docks are particularly susceptible to heat.

The lights in the ceiling might be a heat source. As a result, the medications that are near the ceiling may not be in excellent condition.

The items on the bottom of a shelf will be at a different temperature than those on the


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